Considering how much you use it, you should be putting some serious research into purchasing a smartphone. They’re a hefty investment, and you’ll be carrying it around pretty religiously for at least the next year, if not two, so before you go swooping up any old phone, there’s something you should see first — The Smartphone Comparison Chart.


The chart starts out looking pretty intimidating, with hundreds of phones, but start customizing the specs on the left and watch your options narrow down until you find the one that’s right for you. Some people want the cheapest phone with the most storage, while others need something verging on phablet size. The chart is a great way to look beyond the brand that you’re used to and maybe branch out to something new.


We only wish that the site pulled reviews on all of the phones so we could make sure we weren’t buying a dud. After all, some deals are too good to be true.

Need a new laptop? There’s a Comparison Chart for that too, and we hope to see these Product Charts grow to wearables in the near future.

What do you look for in a smartphone? Let us know how you shop tech in the comments!