The bond between a child and their pet is truly something special. Whether they’re huddled under a blanket fort in the living room telling ghost stories, chasing down a band of pirates in the backyard or are just out for a walk, their relationship is something you’ll want to capture and remember forever. Feeling overwhelmed already? Don’t be. We’ve compiled 13 tips to help you capture a great shot in no time.


1. Remove the Pressure: You don’t need to have your kiddo all dressed up in the nicest outfit in their closet, an intricate braided hairstyle you learned from a Youtube tutorial and a gorgeous sunset in the background to take a good picture. (Photo via Alex Marytn)


2. Capture Candid Moments: Sometimes the unstaged moments are the ones worth snapping. Leave them alone to play and peek back a few minutes later to get a great natural shot. (Photo via Elena Shumilova)


3. Business as Usual: You don’t have to make a day of it and travel to a faraway location for your photo session. Just get the camera ready and start snapping during one of your routine activities (like taking a walk) for a truly special memory. (Photo via @carterandtoby)


4. Use Perspective: Sometimes just looking at things from a different point of view is all you need to take a photo from ordinary to frame-worthy. (Photo via @denisebovee)


5. Continuous Shot Mode Is Your BFF: When you combine small children and pets, chances are you’re going to have a hard time getting them both to sit still at the same time. Enable the continuous shot mode on your camera to make sure you don’t miss a thing. (Photo via Little Moon Photography)


6. Different Pets: Just because you don’t have a dog or cat for your pet doesn’t mean they should miss out on all the fun. Have your wee one (gently) grab that rooster, bird or lizard and start smiling. (Photo via Nora Levine Photography)


7. Personality Is a Good Thing: Letting their personalities shine through is far more important than an immaculate background and perfect smiles. (Photo via @harperandlola_thebulldog)


8. Don’t Force It: Just let your subjects do their thing and you’re guaranteed to capture a gem like this one. (Photo via Simply by Suzy)


9. Think Outside the Window Box: Choose a unique spot to take your photo. Short on ideas? Take a second to walk around your home and get inspired. (Photo via US Magazine)


10. Start Early: Your pet was your first child. And now that your family is growing, you know the bond between your babies will too. Capture the relationship from the very beginning for a great start to your story. (Photo via Jacquelyn Poussot)


11. Use Props: Do they have a favorite toy they play with together? Or, do you just happen to have a couple of funky hats sitting around you think would be fun to use? Go for it. It’s your picture and you get to call the shots. (Photo via @thegracechon)


12. Play With Proportions: They could have taken this photo with both subjects laying together at eye level, but having the dog sit up and look down on his tiny friend adds a new level of interest to the shot. (Photo via Erin Vey)


13. Have Fun: Most importantly, you don’t want your kid to run and hide every time you pull out the camera because you always turn it into a stressful situation. If you’re having fun, they will too. (Photo via Steve Greer Photography)

Do you have any extra tips for taking a great picture of your child and the family pet? Share them below!