We know that your dog is absolutely the cutest dog on the planet, but we’re entertaining the idea that maybe there are some other cuties out there too. There are people whose jobs are to capture the cuteness of people’s pets, making them look even more adorable… if that’s possible. These are some of our favorite pet photographers that will have you double tapping on the daily.

1. @themochimoch: There’s nothing like cozying up to an adorable Instagram feed, are we right?

2. @fetchingimages: No matter what your favorite breeds are, you can find them all on this feed, in and out of costume.

3. @eric.charles.photography: Posing not your thing? This photographer captures your pups out and about, doing what they do and looking great at it.

4. @erinandjustinb: A tie is the perfect way to make things instantly fancy. Cats and dogs get the royal treatment on this feed.

5. @citydogphotography: There’s nothing like a colorful backdrop to make your pet look like a rockstar, but a sequin bow tie helps too.

6. @picsandpets: These up-close-and-personal portraits make us appreciate every whisker, wrinkle and snout.

7. @woofography: Take your pet out into the wild for scenic green portraits that are mantlepiece-worthy.

8. @clickpets: This dapper pup is poised and posed for the camera. He makes this whole pet portrait thing look easy.

9. @dandydogwalker: This dog walker could pick up some side work as a pet photographer. On her walks she captures some priceless moments of some adorable pups.

10. @kristinazamb: This photographer really nows how to set the scene. Get plenty of inspiration for your pet-themed Christmas cards right here.

11. @rumbetty: Bring out the props. If you’ve ever wanted to see what your dog looks like on a picnic, check this feed out.

12. @dogmapetportraits: On a white background, your pet can really pop. These puppy portraits let dogs of all shapes and sizes really shine.

13. @barkandmeowphotography: It seems like the best thing in the world to be able to capture the sheer joy of a happy pet.

14. @esquephotography: This photographer makes your pet look like they’re straight off a Purina bag. Basically, these critters are supermodels.

15. @scruffydogphotography: No matter how scruffy your pup, this photographer can tap into their star potential.

16. @jermzlee: Jeremy Veach’s pug is the star of the show in this feed. He and his pup travel the country snapping up striking pics of their travels and giving us plenty of laughs.

Which pet photographer is your fave? Let us know in the comments!