Who says Thanksgiving is just for giving thanks to your friends and family? If you’ve got a dog, he or she has likely gotten you through some tough times, snuggled up to you on a daily basis, and even made you laugh. So, this Thanksgiving, we’re dishing up a few simple and meaningful ways to show your favorite pooch just how much you care.

1. Get a Petcube: Miss your pup when you’re on the move? Stay in touch with this cool gadget. It’s a cube that lets you play with your pet via a laser pointer that is controlled by your phone. You can play from anywhere! You can take photos and video directly from the app, and even talk to your dog. So cool!

2. Build a Really Awesome Dog House: This is definitely a weekend project, and you probably need a pretty well-trained pup to make sure it stays in one piece. We love that this looks like a pop-up food cart.

3. Create a Custom Collar: Next time you decide to make a statement necklace or headband for yourself, why not consider making a bit of bling for your pup? This rainbow paracord collar is colorful, sturdy, and you know what else? Fetching ;)

4. Sign Up for Spotwag: Founded by Brit + Co. staffer Kim Vogt, this website helps you find a pet sitter among your friends. Skip the strange kennel or random dog-walker and treat your dog to a weekend with your besties. (P.S. If you don’t have a dog, this is also an awesome way to test out whether you and your apartment are ready for one!)

5. Go Green on the Toy Front: Finally, your dog’s health is just as important as yours. If you go green on the toy front, you can avoid weird dyes, strange plastics, and all sorts of other weird stuff you don’t even know about. Head here to see 20 organic and all-natural toys we’re crazy about.

6. Take Them on a Vacation: When you got your dog, you dreamed of camping and hiking and all that good stuff with your new buddy. But, not all the parks and beaches are ready for your dog. Lucky for you, we’ve rounded up 5 ideas for a long weekend with Fido.

If you do any or all of these, your dog is definitely gonna feel the love.

How do you show your pets just how much you love them? Share your stories with us in the comments below.

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