Last week we rounded up a whole bunch of fun and silly ways to welcome people to your door, and now it’s time to serve up the most creative ways to make sure those pesky doors stay open.

Whether you’re throwing a the-more-the-merrier Sunday brunch or simply need a chic way of keeping that heavy kitchen door open, here are 20 doorstops, wedges, and stoppers that are sure to fit the bill.

1. Paper Airplane ($8): Perfect for an office or workspace, this paper airplane isn’t flying anywhere soon.

2. Ski Slope Door Wedge ($15): These beautiful painted pieces of wood look like they came right out of Kinfolk Magazine.

3. Brass German Shepherd ($75): We love us a gold gilded animal so this brass pup is right up our alley.

4. Cassette Door Wedge ($25): This. Is. Our. JAM!

5. Rope Knot Stop ($40): For a nautical look, we love this ball of twine.

6. Big Foot Doorstop ($6): For the classic high school hallway doorstop, this big foot doorstops do the job. We love all the bright colors.

7. Stone House Doorstop ($29): A house holding open the front door of your house? So meta.

8. Key Doorstop ($14): These playful keys are great for a kid’s room or den.

9. Fallen Leaf ($14): How on earth can a leaf hold open a door? ;)

10. Gold Bar ($21): We love the vintage look of this gold bar. Scrooge McDuck would definitely approve.

11. Melting Ice Cream ($13): What looks like a totally sad ice cream spill is actually one of the most charming stoppers we’ve ever seen.

12. Soldier Doorstop ($32): Halt! Who goes there?

13. Stop! Doorstop ($11): Taking cues from the “pow” and “kapok” styles of old school comic strips, we love the neon exclamation of this wordy stop.

14. Golfer’s Doorstop ($26): Need to work on your putting skills?

15. Color Block Cork ($30): Sold in a pair, use one as a doorstop and one as a bookend you can easily pin notes to.

16. Feed Sack Doorstop ($10): Going for a reclaimed barn aesthetic? This repurposed feed sack doorstop will fit right in!

17. Prideful Prowl Doorstop ($24): This doorstop just can’t wait to be king!

18. Vintage Shepherd’s Weight ($99): For another more rustic option, these antique weights look beautiful against a weathered door.

19. Ooob Doorstop ($31): Ooob la la! Available in just about every bold, bright color under the sun, the Ooob doorstop would like right at home at Brit HQ. Now, if only we had doors…

20. Dove Doorstop ($23): And last, a lovely little dove – we just wish this had some secret inner gadgetry that made it post to Twitter (aka… tweet!) every time someone walked through the door.

What’s the most creative doorstop you’ve tripped over? Tell us in the comments below.