We heart Lisa Frank forever and always. We grew up in the ’90s, so how could we not?! So whenever we uncover things that give us all the LF feels we tend to freak out just a tad. If you’re like us and still have rainbow-hued animal stickers accenting your notebooks then you’re gonna be obsessed with the latest magical food and beverage debuts. Make room in your kitchen because it needs gin made with unicorn tears and rainbow Doritos STAT. *commence freakout and multiple purchases.*

unicorn tears gin

You know you’ve always wanted to taste the tears of unicorns (happy tears, of course). Well, now you can. Pre-order a bottle of Unicorn Tears Gin Liqueur ($62) and you’ll be imbibing the magical tears of the mythical creature via an out-of-this-universe concoction of oranges, berries, maple syrup, a hint of spice and, of course, 100% edible silver dust. Happy hours and late nights just got majorly magical.

doritos rainbows

If you’re a Doritos lover with a heart for humanity, you will surely want to buy all the Doritos Rainbows bags you can get your hands on. In a partnership with LGBT organization the It Gets Better Project, Doritos has launched its most colorful bag of chips ever. The limited-edition rainbow-colored Cool Ranch chips, inspired by the Pride flag, are only available online with a donation of $10 or more to the organization with 100% of the proceeds going to It Gets Better. So order a bag or two and get to snackin’ on some ROYGBIV chips for a great cause.

Are you craving a bag of Doritos Rainbows or a shot of Unicorn Tears Gin more, or do you just want both at the same time? Let us know in the comments.

(Photos via Doritos + Firebox)