25 Tech Accessories You Need for Your Dorm Room
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25 Tech Accessories You Need for Your Dorm Room

The end of summer means freshly minted college students starting the next chapter of their lives and moving into those stunningly cramped dorm rooms. If this description applies to you and you’re facing the task of taking the blank slate room and making it something worthy of your residence, we’re here to help. College tech is all about keeping your devices charged, having enough lighting to read your notes and making sure you have a good alarm to get you to class on time! Check out these 25 must-have gadgets that will help make the time spent cooped up in your new room actually pretty pleasant.

1. Blue Goldie ($10): There is nothing more annoying than tangled chargers strewn all over your dorm room. This colorful little cord-storing whale also cradles your device if you need to charge somewhere public like the library and don’t want your phone sitting on the dirty floor.

2. Portable Phone Charger ($24): You’re going to be spending a lot of time on your phone, texting, checking class schedules, taking notes and… taking numbers! Don’t leave your dorm room without one of these cute little chargers in your purse. It’ll save you from the panic of a dying phone.

3. Clap-On Cube Clock ($30): You’re going to be getting up super early. Don’t settle for an ugly old alarm clock. This top secret alarm clock is a wooden cube with red LED digital time. Just clap your hands or shake the clock to make the time appear.

4. The Space Bar ($99): The Space Bar is a sleek desk organizer that minimizes clutter while providing additional USB ports for your computer! After a long day of studying, slide your keyboard into the space below the shelf and store your other stuff up above and let the pizza parties begin.

5. 3-in-1 Breakfast Station ($35): For those mornings when you sleep through your alarm and don’t have time to get breakfast at the cafeteria, the Breakfast Station is a multi-tasking marvel with a mini-griddle, a toaster oven and a coffee brewer in one tidy gadget.

6. Super Mini Fridge ($125): Lots of schools provide mini fridges in their room, but if you’re not going to one of those, this is a must. Perfect for those late-night study sessions when you just need a snack, this teeny little fridge holds just the right amount of food without being a huge eyesore in your tiny space.

7. Flexible Power Strip ($20): If there is something we can promise you, there will never be enough outlets to go around in a dorm room! This cute little strip can wrap around furniture legs or into a little circle to make the extra outlets as unobtrusive as possible.

8. Pocket Projector ($300): When it comes to movie night, your room will be the most popular room on campus with this little projector! Capable of projecting up to 60 inches, a projector is a great alternative to a large television where space is limited. And let’s face it, you’re probably not going to have loads of natural light, making your room the perfect movie house.

9. Aroma Therapy Clock ($84): This clock uses essential oils to lull you into a blissful slumber after a stressful day of classes. It also glows six soothing colors and plays five nature sounds for a sleep aid that not even your roommate won’t mind having on.

10. Light Wedge Reading Light ($87): You don’t want to be that roommate — up at all hours with all the lights on! When you use this nifty reading tool, you can study in almost complete darkness without hurting your eyes or the roomie relationship.

11. Poodle Hub ($7): Keep your desk tidy with this chic USB hub! The cute little legs are four hubs that you can use to charge your Android or Mac devices.

12. Wireless Speakers ($300): The only thing better than organized cords is no cords at all. We love this bright red wireless speaker that is guaranteed to fill your dorm room with high-quality sound. With the touch of a button, you can stream music wirelessly through any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, tablet or laptop. But if the RA comes a knocking, we never told you about this, mmmkay?

13. Bright Idea USB Laptop Light ($10): For late night cram sessions or just when you need a little more light on the subject, try this clever laptop light that runs off your laptop USB port or any USB hub. Providing less light than a normal lamp, but enough light to read or take notes, this glow won’t bug your roommate.

14. iRobot Roomba ($700): Because you’re a busy college student and you’re probably not going to have a lot of time for cleaning, enter the robot vacuum. Just turn him on and let him loose in your room. He’ll do all the cleaning for you! And if you wanted to hack him into a DJ Roomba, we’d be okay with that.

15. Grassy Lawn Charging Station ($25): Rather than digging around for a cable, just set your phones and iPods into this cute little patch of artificial grass and let them relax while they charge. Not only does it look super cool, this plant will be the only one that might survive the dorm room atmosphere.

16. Power Bed Riser ($30): These risers give you more storage under your bed for boxes, and provide easy access to outlets! Sometimes with lots of furniture and cramped spaces, the wall outlets can get buried, but with these risers, you’ll always be able to find a place to plug in.

17. The Selfie ($20): College is all about photos with friends, but it’s no fun if you’re the one taking all the pictures. Make sure you get your face in those photos with this awesome selfie button that is small enough to take with you everywhere.

18. Instant Smartphone Printer ($200): Sure, you have a printer for papers and assignments, but we all know those things print horrendous pictures. Check out this adorable little space-saving printer that will instantly print your favorite photos straight from your smartphone.

19. Snooze Clock ($35): This attractively minimal, solid wood stand creates a bedside charging station for your iPhone and cable so no more knocking your iPhone to the floor, accidentally turning off your alarm or losing your cable behind your nightstand!

20. Talk Bubble Cord ($5): Between your computer, TV, lamp, mini fridge and hair straightener, there will be a ton of cords floating around your room. These genius cord organizers have a space where you can write what the cord is for, so you’ll easily be able to identify what cord goes with what gadget.

21. Harte Work Lamp ($20): Everyone knows dorm room lighting is notoriously bad. This sleek little LED lamp is the perfect solution. You can even power it through a USB port, so it’s perfect if your room doesn’t have a lot of outlets.

22. Wakeup Light ($130): College is stressful enough, so start your day the easier way with a wake-up device that simulates sunrise. This clock offers two soothing sounds along with the faux dawn. Plus, the device can double as a bedside reading lamp.

23. Laptop Locks ($35): It’s not that you don’t trust your friends… but dorms aren’t the most secure facilities and unfortunately theft does occur. Protect your precious laptop with a lock that is sure to keep your investment safe and give you peace of mind.

24. Aphrodite Hub ($50): You’re a serious scholar, right? Well, this classy sculptural four-port UBS hub simplifies your workspace while bringing a lil elegance and a lotta organization to your dorm room.

25. Tiny Space Heater ($120): Dorm rooms are famous for unreliable temperatures. Now, you can take matters into your hands with this adorable red space heater that won’t ruin your decor. It can also operate as just a fan if you need some air circulation.

What do you consider necessary dorm tech? Talk to us in the comments below!