The pretty pink color of Himalayan salt is already well-known in the kitchen for being a tasty addition to your salted fruit dishes, but did you know its uses can extend beyond your salt grinder? Himalayan salt crystals can diminish respiratory issues, clean the air naturally *and* improve your emotional well-being. So how does it work? The salt crystals produce negative ions that act as neutralizers to positive ions in the air (mold, allergens and bacteria), which results in a cleansing effect on the air in a room. As a bonus, they look totally rad. Hit refresh on your home decor just in time for spring with these bad-vibe-busting Himalayan salt accessories.


1. Uncommon Goods Himalayan Salt Tequila Glasses ($28+): Everyone loves a salted edge, so take your shooters to the next level with shot glasses made out of salt. These pale pink glasses look like they’re made out rose quartz, but the Himalayan salt will give your shots just the right amount of flavor. And no, they’re not a one-time treat – they’re reusable and would make a great gift for a tequila aficionado.


2. Urban Outfitters Himalayan Salt Lamp ($34): This giant lamp is crafted from one giant salt crystal, which you can switch up the look of by using different colored light bulbs. The cord plugs into an outlet for easy use, so you can turn on the good vibes and let the good energy flow.


3. Herbivore Calm Dead Sea Bath Salts ($18): Take your salts to the tub, and indulge in a bath time treat with calming ylang ylang and vanilla. These salts also include pretty pink Himalayan salt crystals that will help detoxify and relax you after a long day while you channel your inner mermaid.


4. Williams Sonoma Himalayan Salt Mortar + Pestle ($40): Give your secret guac recipe an extra special treat by making it up with this gorgeous pink mortar and pestle. It’s also a great tool for grinding up herbs, making pesto and crafting perfectly-seasoned rubs for all your springtime barbecues.


5. Soul Makes Himalayan Rock Salt Candle Holder ($17): Not only do these Himalayan rock salt candles give off a beautiful light when they’re lit, they also emit negative ions that supposedly restore and neutralize your space. Treat yourself to a spa day with DIY bath salts, and light up a couple of these candles for a perfectly relaxing pink glow.


6. Crate & Barrel Himalayan Salt Block ($35): This gorg block of pink salt will quickly become your new favorite essential for all outdoor cooking.These plates are a beautiful and fun new way to cook, and you can prepare everything, including seafood, meat and vegetables. Take your grill game to the next level with this block.


7. CB2 Himalayan Rock Salt + Grater Set ($30): Traditionally, salt and pepper shakers aren’t centerpiece worthy, but this chic piece looks like a mini sculpture. Skip the traditional salt shaker, and wow all your foodie friends with this gorgeous pink Himalayan salt find. Keep it on hand so you can apply just the right amount of flavor to meat, fish and vegetables.


8. Earthbound Trading Co. USB Powered Salt Stone Lamp ($30): Give your workspace a beautiful glow with this crystal lamp. The LED changes colors so you can enjoy a whole rainbow of hues while getting the calming benefits of Himalayan salt.


9. Wind + Weather Small Himalayan Pink Salt Bowls ($25): These bowls look gorgeous, AND they’ll give your food just the right amount of flavor. Believe it or not, salt bowls can be heated or cooled to almost any temperature, so you can pop the salt bowl in the freezer for a while and serve ice cream in it for a slightly salted sweet treat.


10. Nature’s Whimsey Himalayan Massage Stones ($7): Use these stones as a salt scrub in the shower or treat your boo to a tension-busting massage. Heat them up in the oven, and use the Himalayan salt stones to relieve stress and inflammation in the body.


11. Earthbound Trading Co. Mini USB Powered Himalayan Salt Stone Lamp ($15): As anyone who spends all day in front of a screen knows, those vibes can be exhausting. This hand-carved salt crystal rock uses the power from your USB to give the air in your workspace a revitalizing effect that’ll help get you through those deadlines.


12. Houzz So Gourmet Round Himalayan Salt Tile ($40): If you’re looking for the perfect gift for your foodie friend, look no further than this beautiful round salt tile. It’s just the piece for preparing meat, or you can throw it in the fridge for serving sushi, deli meats, cheese platters, vegetables or even desserts.


13. Open Sky So Well Himalayan Salt Crystal Round Candle Holder ($25): Take your good vibes with you on the road with these travel-sized candle holders. These mini round salt candle holders add a cozy ambiance to your space, while putting out healthy ions.


14. Bloomingdales Charcoal Companion Himalayan Salt Plates ($39): Dress up your next dinner party with a set of these chunky salt plates that perfectly showcases your favorite desserts. It’s hard to imagine, but you can reuse these dishes. The salt isn’t porous, so foods don’t get overly salty. Even the cleanup is simple: Rinse with warm water and make sure your salt bowl dries completely.

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