With things heating up between Taylor Swift and Drake (and Karlie Kloss even hinting hard that something is definitely up with the red-hot duo), our first official clue wasn’t quite what we expected, but it did confirm that two musicians are hooking up in one way or another. But now, Drake has shared an unexpected clip, and we’re totally freaking out. Not only is the rapper singing Tay’s “Bad Blood” (seriously, it’s so hilariously awesome), but it’s more fuel for the fire for all the fans who need to know what it all means.


Posting the clip — which is in fact an Apple Music ad like the one Taylor herself did awhile back singing a Drake tune — to Instagram, Drake shows off his #SwiftGains (get it?!) while getting in a good workout. But it’s when his trainer leaves the room that Drake really gets into the groove. You definitely have to see this because OMG lol!

Though Taylor also posted the clip with an ecstatic “YES @champagnepapi 👍💪✨ #drakevsbenchpress,” and despite no official confirmation that the pair are actually working together on a collaboration, it’s pretty darn obvious that Taylor has the possible intention of adding some hip-hop flavor to her new album, and Drake is lending a helping hand. Or, at least, that’s our guess.

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(Photos via Grant Lamos IV, Tim P. Whitby/Getty)