Throughout the years, wallpaper has gotten a bad rep. But it’s time to forget about your grandma’s dingy floral wallpaper, because with today’s elevated designs you can choose from an array of gorgeous and super modern patterns to upgrade your space. Whether you’re looking to create interest with an accent wall or completely cover the room for a dramatic look, there’s no better way to showcase your decor style. The right wallpaper can either make or break a room, but the bold wallpaper picks below are definite winners.

1. Tropical Texture: With a unique paperweave texture, this retro-inspired wallpaper design by Phillip Jeffries feels on point for bringing the tiki trend into the 21st century. (via Phillip Jefferies)

2. Animal-Inspired: Choose from five ultra-chic color combos for this zebra print wallpaper — it’s perfect for dressing up an empty hallway. (via McGrath)

3. Colorful Scenery: Intricate murals depicting landscapes and animals is nothing new, but this whimsical design by Zoffany provides an updated take on a wallpaper classic. (via Heals)

4. Modern Marble: Gold veins add a significant dose of luxury to this statement-making marbleized wallpaper. Try placing solid white accents in front of it for a chic contrast. (via Calico)

5. Trendy + Tropical ($165 per roll): Perfect for a nursery or kids’ room, this playful pineapple design is super on-trend and lively. Plus, it comes in 12 vibrant colors to match your space.

6. Moody Florals: This bold, almost three-dimensional wallpaper by Ellie Cashman has been making the rounds in the design world recently, and for good reason. The amount of depth and the dark, neutral hues draw the eye and add a sense of intrigue to any room. (via Marcus Design Inc)

7. Marble Takeover: Can’t get enough of the marbleized look? Cover an accent feature in your space, such as a built-in bar. Covering the cabinetry and drawers makes an unexpected statement, while gold hardware helps warm up the look. (via From the Right Bank)

8. Elevated Nursery: Don’t be afraid to take design risks in the nursery; dark and dramatic spaces like this can be just as welcoming as the usual light and bright nursery setups. This navy and gold wallpaper feels sophisticated, and the hand-drawn design is reminiscent of an illustrated children’s book or sketch. (via MyDomaine)

9. Modern Trellis: For a sophisticated, preppy look that would fit right in on the Upper East Side, consider this refined trellis wallpaper in navy and white. (via McGrath)

10. Black + White: This abstract, painterly wallpaper looks edgy and elegant at the same time. Neutral tones in the bathroom, like chrome and marble, accentuate the bold design. (via MyDomaine)

What’s your favorite wallpaper design? Share your thoughts with us in the comments below!