Here at Brit + Co., we love us a good cocktail… or two. But we know there’s nothing worse to wake up to than a killer hangover and there’s some that not even a greasy morning meal will fix. Drinkwel, a vitamin specifically designed for healthy people who drink alcohol, might just be able to help.

This 30-ingredient, vegetarian capsule is designed to offer both short-term hangover help and long-term health promotion. After a night of drinking, it replenishes nutrients and helps you process the toxins in alcohol. Over time, by taking this multivitamin everyday, you support your liver health, making future hangovers less brutal.

We admit to being a little skeptical of a magic hangover pill, but with drinkwel’s money-back guarantee, we’re willing to give it a shot. Warning, though: as their website says, Drinkwel “product does not prevent intoxication, alcohol poisoning, alcohol abuse, or utter stupidity.” So, you know, it’s still on you to drink smart and responsibly!

The company also puts out a couple other products to help out with your hangovers. Their “Life of the Party” kit is designed for those crazy weekends like New Year’s or your bestie’s bachelorette party where you need a little extra help, including vitamins, mints and even cocktail recipes for the night of. LyteShow is their other main product, a liquid concentrate designed to replenish your electrolytes.

Would you try (or have you tried) drinkwel? How do you kick a killer hangover? Let us know in the comments below!