Strong black coffee, Tylenol, and copious cups of water are common hangover cures, while others prefer the hair of the dog. But for many, greasy grub and alcohol-absorbing carbs are the key to sober up. For those in that camp, we’ve compiled a list of tasty hangover recipes for all those that partied their tails off this holiday season.

1. Monterey Jack Quesadillas: There is a reason why taquerias are packed post partying! This feel-good treat will have you napping in no time and it’s delicioso. (via Pop Sugar Food)

2. Eggs with Fresh Tomato Salsa: An egg dish with veggies is a hearty and delicious way to kick any hangover to the curb. It will satisfy any appetite and it’s also a healthy alternative. (via Living Tastefully)

3. Traditional Beef Pho: A hot pot of soup is another surefire way to feel better in the morning. Top it off with lots of proteins, veggies, and noodles and you’ll be feeling brand new in no time. (via Serious Eats)

4. Caramel Apple Sticky Buns: Probably the best treat to wake up to after a night of fun and endless libations. The sugar, butter, and nuts combo is divine and most likely a recipe for success. (via The Pioneer Woman)

5. Whipped Ricotta Pancakes with Chocolate and Lemon Glaze: Pretty much anyone with a sweet tooth can attest that pancakes are not only perfect after good times, they are also scrumptious and likely to satisfy that carbo-loading sugar crave. (via How Sweet it Is)

6. Salmon and Bagel Egg Benedict: Feeling both light and decadent at the same time? This is fresh take on the classic benedict has all the perfect ingredients to make that hangover a thing of the past. Plus, it’s filled with omega3, good fats and proteins. Perhaps it might inspire you to go out for a walk! (via Foodie Crush)

7. Falafel Burger: This is delicious and despite being deep fried, it’s rather light and super easy to make. Add some hummus, tabouli, and olives and enjoy an authentic Mediterranean meal. (via NoshOnIt)

8. Copy Cat Big Macs: Imagine recreating this iconic burger — well now is your chance to enjoy them without dealing with all the fast-food hassles. Plus, you can eat as many as your heart desires. (via Bakeaholic Mamma)

9. Fried Chicken: Nothing cures a hangover better than finger-licking good chicken. It’s filling, delicious and, with the right sides, it will leave you stuffed and ready for some rest and relaxation. It’s best enjoyed with mashed potatoes and veggies, as it will warm up any tummy. (via i am a food blog)

10. Chocolate Cake: Very few things in life are better than a decadent piece of chocolate cake. Hangovers are the perfect opportunity to indulge and anything sweet is usually very soothing. (via the pretty blog)

11. Bloody Mary: No hangover list is ever complete without this concoction of tomato juice, vodka, Worcestershire sauce, and Tabasco. There is something on the way all of these ingredients mix that brings magic to the tummy. For 10 more delicious mary mixes, head to this article. Just make sure not to overdo it! (via CHOW)

12. BLT: It doesn’t get simpler than this and bacon STILL rules the greasy food roost. What’s even better? It doesn’t require a lot of cooking expertise or prepping, so it can be ready in a matter of minutes. (via A Cozy Kitchen)

There you go! These dishes are the perfect prescription to cure those post New Year’s Eve blues. What are some of your cures after a boozy night?