Country superstar Blake Shelton has been named People magazine鈥檚 Sexiest Man Alive for 2017, a title that he is happy to have but that he also took with a verygood-humored grain of salt. His new honor means that last year鈥檚 Sexiest Man, Dwayne 鈥淭he Rock鈥 Johnson, has been dethroned, and while you might think he鈥檇 react in a gentlemanly fashion, his response was actually so much better than we could have imagined.

Taking to Twitter a few days ago to reflect on his past 鈥渟exy鈥 year, the Rock said, 鈥淟et鈥檚 all just take a moment to recognize @people鈥檚 Sexiest Man Alive will always be the 6鈥5鈥 260lbs of tattooed brown eyed soul. And clearly there鈥檚 lots of steamy cheese on this pizza I鈥檓 serving. That is all. Let鈥檚 get back to work.鈥

Not unlike Shelton, the Rock clearly had fun with the title, leaning into it and going full 鈥渃heesy鈥 in his comments. Then he ran with it even further, claiming that he was supposed to be the first ever back-to-back recipient, until a classic meme sabotaged him.

鈥淭ruth is I was going to become the first ever back to back SMA but that absurd fanny pack picture made its rounds on the interweb again causing @people to rethunketh the whole damn thing,鈥 he joked.

The picture, if you鈥檙e not aware, is one frequently referenced 鈥 and even recreated 鈥 by the Rock on social media. It shows a young Dwayne Johnson with a full head of hair, faded-blue jeans, a black turtleneck, a silver chain, and, yes, a leather fanny pack that he鈥檚 casually clutching with one hand.

The blockbuster actor now looks back on the photo as a reminder that 鈥渢hings鈥檒l get better,鈥 though if we鈥檙e being honest, the pic itself is as good as it gets 鈥 and some fans even said they assumed it was the fanny-pack pic that won the Rock the Sexiest Man Alive title in the first place.

After the new Sexiest Man Alive was named, many people took to Twitter to ask why the Rock didn鈥檛 get the title twice. 鈥淒id @TheRock become less sexy in the past year? Because he鈥檚 still a man and still alive, so I gotta call shenanigans on People,鈥 one user wrote.

Shelton, for his part, is brushing off the haters, still jokingly tweeting, 鈥淒on鈥檛 hate me because I鈥檓 beautiful.鈥

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(Photo via Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for Paramount Pictures)