Once upon a time (circa 2012), bubble tea was *all* the rage. Your relationship with the tapioca milk tea may have fizzled slightly since then, but now the trend is back in full force. Thankfully, it’s so easy to prepare at home and you get to choose whatever flavors you like. You could even whip up a boozy vanilla chai bubble tea if that tickles your fancy. Stock up on tapioca pearls and take note: These 14 bubble tea recipes might just inspire you to open your own stand.


1. Mango Boba: Mango nectar adds sweetness and a tropical essence to the plain black tea that makes up this infusion. Try soaking your tapioca in a vanilla simple syrup to give the pearls some flavor of their own. (via Sprinkle Bakes)


2. Matcha Green Bubble Tea: Taiwanese and Japanese influences come together to create this energizing boba. Start your day with a glass of this instead of coffee and you’ll wonder what took you so long to convert. (via Bake With Christina)


3. Coconut Vanilla Boba: We’ve all had our fair share of bad bubble tea at some point. When you make your own at home, you can adjust the sweetness to your liking and ensure that the tapioca is fully cooked every time. (via Savory Tooth)


4. Bubble Cold Brew: You don’t always have to choose between your favorite frosty cold brew and boba. Combine the two and you’ll be saving yourself a ton of cash and getting exactly what you want. (via The Movement Menu)


5. Thai Almond Milk Bubble Tea: Visit any Thai restaurant and you’ll likely see a vat of bright orange tea waiting to be sipped. Add chewy tapioca balls to that and you’ll get this creamy and refreshing Thai bubble tea. Warning: It’s addicting! (via Love and Olive Oil)


6. Horchata Boba: This homemade horchata boba is fusion at its finest. The milky rice, cinnamon and almond combo may take some time to perfect, but once you do… your life will never be the same. (via Love and Olive Oil)


7. Jasmine Tea Milk With Honey Boba: This no-frills bubble tea is a pure combo of loose-leaf jasmine tea, organic milk and perfectly cooked honeyed boba. Fans of the classic will go nuts for this version. (via Thirsty for Tea)


8. Marscapone Bubble Tea: The (not so) secret ingredient to making this bubble tea extra creamy is Canadian mascarpone cheese. Finish with cranberry juice for a tart balance to the otherwise sugary taste. (via Dairy Goodness)


9. Pumpkin Spice Bubble Tea With Boba: Say “Buh-bye!” to your daily PSL runs. This bubble tea packs the same seasonal flavor punch but is way better for you. (via Honestly YUM)


10. Easy Red Bean Bubble Tea: Red bean tea is typically offered at bubble tea shops, but it’s deceptively easy to make at home. All you need is milk and red bean paste to go with your tapioca pearls and you can have one whenever you desire. (via Contemplating Sweets)


11. Royal Milk Tea With Boba: Sometimes, simplicity is greater than complexity. This black tea, milk and sugar concoction is mildly flavored and perfect for an afternoon pick-me-up. (via Hello Lovely Living)


12. Strawberry Banana Boba: This smoothie meets cocktail meets bubble tea combo is the ultimate Sunday brunch accompaniment. Switch up the banana and frozen strawberries for whatever fruits you like. Bonus: The possibilities are endless. (via Fashionably Bombed)


13. Taro Bubble Tea: Fresh taro root gives this tea its fun purple color. Bonus: It also aids in digestion. (via Food and Wine)


14. Vegan Bubble Almond Milk Tea: Maple syrup sweetens while chai tea spices up this vegan boba. After you make it, consider all bubble tea cravings alleviated. (via Another Sunday)

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