Summertime means fresh produce, and whether served savory or sweet, fruit will always be a go-to warm-weather treat. We love finding creative uses for our summer fruit bounty (watermelon ice cubes, anyone?), especially when the end product looks almost as good as it tastes. So head to your farmers鈥 market, fill up that cute DIY tote you made and get ready to get creative with these fruit boat recipes. After trying these 11 mouthwatering dishes, you鈥檒l never want to eat out of a glass bowl again.


1. Skinny Banana Cream Pie Boats: This banana boat is a healthy take on the classic banana split, but don鈥檛 be fooled 鈥 just because it鈥檚 half the calories doesn鈥檛 mean it鈥檚 not filled with sweet flavor. (via The 36th Avenue)


2. Coconut Bowl: Keep things tropical with these delicious floral fiestas. A coconut bowl breakfast will definitely leave you feeling like you woke up in paradise. (via Design Love Fest)


3. Peach Bowls With Coconut Ice Cream: Looking for a quick and easy dessert that can feed a group? You can fill these peach bowls with ice cream of any flavor to give your guests some one-of-a-kind options. (via Style Me Pretty)


4. Melon Ball Berry Salad With Lime Raspberry Dressing: Melon balls are a natural for the summer, but throwing them in with some berries and a tangy dressing is a total game-changer. Swap in whatever berries you have on hand to keep that market haul from going to waste. (via Mariah鈥檚 Pleasing Plates)


5. Cantaloupe Breakfast Bowls: Make your mornings a little fancier with this all-in-one breakfast. Grab yogurt, fruit and a spoon and eat the whole bowl. (via Eating Bird Food)


6. Stuffed Pineapple: Paleo participants, this one鈥檚 for you. Make this insanely yummy, super healthy dish to satisfy your midweek cravings. (via Autoimmune Paleo)


7. Dragon Fruit Salad: Need an easy, healthy and refreshing snack to stave off the hungry while you鈥檙e lounging by the pool? All you need is a dragon fruit, a pomegranate and some lime juice to make this cooling fruit salad. (via Cooking With Thas)


8. Teriyaki Chicken Pineapple Boats: If you鈥檙e more of a carnivore, no worries 鈥 we got you covered. This teriyaki chicken dish, featuring the added tanginess of pineapple, will have you feeling like you鈥檙e sitting in your fave Japanese joint. (via BuzzFeed)


9. Tropical Papaya Boats: This recipe is all about DIYing. Choose your favorite toppings and start scooping them into a seeded papaya half for a unique dish that everyone can personalize. (via Minimalist Baker)


10. Thai Baked Pineapple Fried Rice: Okay, we know fried rice is always a good idea, but throwing it into a pineapple boat and tossing in some cashews? That makes for a meal you鈥檒l hope never ends. (via Leelalicious)


11. Pineapple Salsa: We know mango salsa is all the rage right now, but trust us 鈥 you鈥檙e going to want to try this one too. The pineapple adds a certain bite that mango just can鈥檛 compete with. (via The Gunny Sack)

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