Flowers are a great gesture for Mother’s Day, but after a couple of days they’re wilted and not so fragrant. Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to give Mom flowers that are both edible and don’t include a questionable online order (really, do we ever know if they’ll arrive as pretty as the picture?). If you’re opting out of making Mom a full meal or taking her to one of the top 100 brunch restaurants, then something homemade will *definitely* put a smile on her face. Dazzle her with your fave floral cocktail recipes, then whip up one of these 14 edible floral gifts that will make her extra proud.


1. DIY Floral Ice Bucket: You may not want Mom to actually eat the ice bucket, but she’ll definitely want what’s inside. Customize with her favorite fruits and flowers, and gift her with her favorite bottle of wine or Champagne along with it. (via Sugar and Charm)

floral macarons

2. DIY Floral Macarons: These Rifle Paper Co.-inspired macarons are perfect for a hip, Anthro-loving mom. Try practicing your designs on paper first before painting the delicate macaron shells. (via Sugar and Cloth)

vanilla cupcake bouquet

3. Vanilla Cupcake Bouquet: At first glance this may look like a bouquet of beautiful spring blooms. Little does Mom know they’re intricately decorated cupcakes ready for her to devour. (via BBC Good Food)

sprinklebakes pansy

4. Spring Flower Lollipops: Who knew you could so easily make lollipops without a mold? These are really simple to make, but look like they were crafted by an expert. Hibiscus flowers would be a great choice for these, because they’ll add flavor as well as decor. (via Sprinkle Bakes)

5. Gradient of Fruity Flowers: It may take a bit more time, but making your own edible fruit flower arrangement is a huge money saver. Plus, you can choose whatever fruits you like and only use the best quality. Layer the fruits by color for a pretty rainbow display. (via One Crafty Thing)


6. Lavender Honey Ice Cream: Ice cream is *always* a safe gift for Mom. If she likes to have a naughty bowl before bed, this lavender and honey recipe is great for a bit of evening relaxation. (via Cake N Knife)

pepper flowers

7. Flower Power Bell Peppers and Ranch Dip: If your mother is more of a savory person than a sweet lover, this bell pepper arrangement will tickle her taste buds. Choose a nice vase or planter she can reuse over and over. (via Hidden Valley)

tomato flowers

8. Edible Tulips: If you really take your time with these, your mom may not actually realize they’re edible. Everything from the chive stem to the herbed cottage cheese filling is equal parts delicious and adorable. (via Whole Life Cooking)


9. White Chocolate Floral Bark: Let your imagination run wild when decorating this white chocolate bark. Start with a pretty pastel hue like this pale lavender so the colors of your flowers really pop. Sprinkle on colored sugars in contrasting tones for an even prettier effect. (via Sprinkles for Breakfast)

cupcake bouquet

10. Cupcake Bouquet With Homemade Strawberry Buttercream: Once you give your mom this stunning bouquet of gourmet cupcakes, no regular flower bouquet will satisfy. An extra-large closed-star piping tip is used to make this rose frosting design. (via A Million Moments)

veggie flowers

11. How to Make Edible Bouquets: Mini cookie cutters are your best friend when creating an edible bouquet. Any sort of fibrous fruits or vegetables, like radishes, carrots and apples, are great for cutting into flower shapes and mounting on wooden skewers. Accent with asparagus to give your arrangement an organic feel. (via The View from Great Island)


12. Persian Love Cookies: How could a batch of these cookies NOT make you happy? The icing is a simple mixture of powdered sugar and pomegranate juice, and the cookies are a fragrant blend of cardamom, rosewater and pistachio. Feel free to forage for your own edible flower decorations — just be sure to double check that they are, in fact, edible… (via He Needs Food)

prosecco jelly

13. Prosecco Jelly: Gone are the days of boxed Jello mix and squishy canned fruit. This elegant Prosecco jelly is packed full of fresh seasonal fruit and topped with as many flowers as it can hold. Talk about a show-stopping centerpiece! (via Jamie Oliver)


14. Chocolate Dipped Spoons: These dipped spoons may look really easy… and that’s because they are. If you can melt chocolate and throw on a flower garnish, you’ve got this DIY nailed. These are great for your chic, mocha-loving mom. (via Sugar and Charm)

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