There comes a point of frustration after continuously swiping left on a dating app that was made for the heteronormative. That’s why Morgen Bromell created a queer dating app for all genders called Thurst.

Thurst will offer a comprehensive list of gender identities, pronouns, sexuality and relationship styles — perfect for zim and zer. For those who aren’t just looking for a hookup and rather a potential lifelong partner, you’ll be happy to know that the search function is based on a wide variety of non-gender based factors. Finally, a dating app that understands.


There will also be a messaging system that’ll come with unlimited storage, so you and your potential date can text each other via the app and even send over some cute selfies. If you’re looking for a particular kind of fun, Thurst will also have a kink and fetish category.


And of course, just like any other dating app, Thurst features many privacy settings and safety precautions. Privacy features will be programmed specifically for the non-binary community, and safety options include blocking and reporting. Bottom line: Thurst is striving to be a safe and identity-positive community. In fact, the app will also require identity verification to weed out trolls, predators and community abusers.

Currently, Thurst is in its crowdfunding stage on Fundly, but once the $55,000 goal is reached, the app will be release for free by January 2016. Be sure to check out the different pledge options on their Fundly page. We’re definitely eyeing the Thursty cup. Oh, and Kimberly Linn, looks like you’re going to have to add a Thurst emoji to your Lesbian Emojis app ;)

What specific features are you looking for in Thurst? Do you want Thurst to be an app on its own or have its features merged with Tinder? Let us know in the comments!