Embroidery is all the rage these days. From embroidered threads to embroidery thread DIYs, it’s clear that texture and color are in. And we found 12 embroidery artists that are breaking the boundaries when it comes to the embellishment. These whimsical and inspiring masterpieces will definitely brighten your day — or at the very least, your Pinterest feed!

1. Nicole Figueroa: Australian artist Nicole Figueroa creates whimsical and hand-embroidered illustrations using watercolor paper and embroidery floss. The pieces can be purchased at a variety of Aussie-based shops or you can commission your own. (via The Land of Fig)

2. Laura Gummerman: When it comes to embroidered photos, this is one of the most fun we’ve seen. The best part, though? You can DIY this pretty easily, and the tutorial is right here. (via A Beautiful Mess)

3. Jose Romussi: Speaking of gorgeously embroidered photos, Chilean-born Jose Romussi uses the thread on top of photos to create unique depictions of various time periods. We’re loving the above pieces, but there’s so much more to look at in his gallery. (via Jose Romussi)

4. Takashi Iwasaki: Embroidery is most often done on fabric, and this Japanese artist takes it to a new level. He creates abstract “illustrations” by hand and sells ’em. How fun is this one?! (via Takashi Iwasaki)

5. Nina Paley: Have you heard of Embroidermation? If the answer is no, you’ve got to check it out. It’s basically a cross between embroidery and animation using a 10-needle embroidery machine. The above is a test, but we have a feeling it’s going to lead to some very awesome things. (via Nina Paley)

6. Laura McKellar: This Australian mixed media designer combines vintage objects with her embroidery. This particular one was part of a sampler project in which participants were sent a vintage handkerchief and were instructed to adorn it however they like. See the project in its entirety here, and buy a print version of the above here. (via Laura McKellar)

7. Ana Teresa Barboza: We shared the work of this Peruvian artist a while back, but we’re so in love with this project we couldn’t leave her out! This Suspension collection takes a closer look at our relationships with nature. (via Brit + Co)

8. Izziyana Suhaimi: These mixed media pieces are delicate combinations of drawings, watercolors and embroidery techniques, all hand done by the talented Izziyana. (via Honestly WTF)

9. Stacey Page: We are in love with these quirky and playful pieces by American artist Stacey Page. She finds old images and puts a modern spin on ’em by adorning them with strangely adorable characters. (via Collectif Textile)

10. Anna Jane Searle: This illustrator and artist from England is inspired by nature. She created these drop dead gorgeous samplers as part of a larger project, which you can view in its entirety here. Check out her website, where she shares her beautiful illustrations and commissioned projects. (via Flickr)

11. Nicoletta Darita de la Brown: We’ve never seen something this unique done with the bags you get at the liquor store. Nicoletta de la Brown is a mixed media sculptor and performance and installation artist that created stunning embroidery work on black plastic shopping bags. So cool! (via Nicoletta Darita de la Brown)

12. Fallon Horstmann: There is so much we love about this “hello” art made by graphic design student Fallon Horstmann. It’s filled with color, screams happiness and it was done freehand (GASP!). We wouldn’t mind hanging this baby on our wall — or sewing it to a throw pillow. (via Behance)

Who’s embroidery work are you admiring most? Talk to us below!