Giving your entire living room a makeover can be overwhelming, but revamping the couch? Totally doable. It’s amazing how something as simple as throw pillows can transform a room. Since people naturally gravitate toward the biggest place to sit — the couch — eye-catching throw pillows have a huge effect. But because a girl has the prerogative to change her mind, and her home decor, whenever she wants, we rounded up the prettiest picks that won’t break the bank. They’re cheap enough that you can actually buy two… or three!

1. Ribbons Overlay Pillow ($31): If you feel like you’re living area is a little blah, throw a couple of these babies on your couch to instantly brighten the room.

2. Hello Pillow ($24): Umm, most welcoming pillow ever? This cute pillow speaks volumes.

3. Pineapples Pillow Cover ($35): A tropical print brings new freshness and fun. Place little bits of yellow, like a golden vase, throughout the room to pull it together.

4. Velvet Ikat Embroidered Geo Pillow Cover ($31): Put this sunny pick smack dab in the middle of your sofa and it adds instant happiness. Plus, your friends won’t be able to stop touching the velvet – so soft!

5. Triangles Pillow ($26): Why pick one color when you can pack a whole rainbow of options into one pillow? No matter what color your couch is, this one will match. (via All Modern)

6. Neon Diamond Throw Pillow ($32): A playful throw like this one shows that your house is the party spot. Shine on!

7. Magical Thinking Embroidered Eye Pillow ($37): All eyes will be on this pillow when you incorporate it into your home. Wall art with hints of blue will really help pull out the color.

8. Striped Orange And Red Pillow ($19): Bright patterns will take you to your happy place immediately. Pillows are meant to be comforting, right?

9. Pyramid Screen Printed Pillow ($36): Working metallics into your decor is a quick and easy way to up your glam game. Added bonus? This pillow will give your pad a taste of what it’s like to live in a hipster’s paradise.

10. Face Throw Pillow ($35) Face it: You want this pillow to do a face plant onto you couch. Cool fact about it? The illustrator is Michelle Christensen, whose studio is in an old mansion located in Salt Lake City.

11. Plus Two ($39): We like any design element that can help us put the “+” in Brit + Co.

12. Wing It Pillow ($39) Get whimsical with this playful paper airplane pillow. It’s not only cute, it’s as soft as a cloud.

13. Triangles Pillow ($30) A flash of gold adds a touch of glam no matter where you place this pillow.

14. Black And White Pillow ($10): Yes, seriously – $10 for this modern, graphic pillow. Mix a few in with some more colorful ones for a cool contrast.

15. Geometric 3D Pillow ($31): Illustrated in the U.S. Hand sewn in the U.S. Available in the Brit + Co shop. Soon to be in your home, undoubtedly.

Which one is your fave? Tell us in the comments!