You may not know her name, but Emily Ratajkowski certainly has a face you’re familiar with. Having starred in Robin Thicke’s Halloween costume-inspiring “Blurred Lines” video a few years ago, the model is now famous for her sexy Victoria’s Secret-style look. Now, the model and actress is talking openly about how her looks have affected her life… and it’s not in the way you’d quite expect.

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In an interview with ES Magazine, Ratajkowski talks candidly about everything from her loving support of Kim Kardashian, to why being a beautiful person can have its drawbacks. She says that from a very early age, and because she blossomed so quickly, she noticed that her looks had people treating her differently — but not in a good way.

“Basically it was more about the way that people had a problem with a girl looking like a woman because it confused them, it made them feel uncomfortable and I think there was a lot of guilt that they wanted to induce,” said Ratajkowski.

She goes on to talk about how that perception of sexiness has haunted her, giving people the idea that she’s just a sexy girl or that she’s not able to do anything other than play a beauty queen. While we can’t exactly feel bad for a woman as gorgeous as she is, we totally get how people’s ideas of us can totally be made before they even really meet us. We think it probably would be pretty sucky to only be looked at as if we were only good at being attractive, which is something that you can’t even really control. Her experience has made her a proud Feminist, a word, she says, that comes with too many negative connotations. She says, “I think that there is a stigma attached to the word, but to me it means talking about the way we look at women and how we judge women differently than how we judge men; also it is about paid maternity leave, equal pay for women.”

Amen, sister. Amen.

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(Photo via Getty/ Mike Coppola)