If you’ve ever thought that the supremely lovely Emma Stone looks like she belongs in a fairytale or children’s story, then you’re not alone. But instead of a leading lady that’s noble and kind, Emma is in talks to take on a much darker Disney character, a cruel character, an evil character. Emma Stone will reportedly play Cruella de Vil in a new version of the popular puppy-snatching tale, 101 Dalmatians.


Although the casting is still not completely confirmed, Hollywood buzz around the Internet is pretty darn sure that Emma will indeed appear on screen as the fur-obsessed character.

Last played by Glenn Close in 1996, Cruella is a particularly delightful villain with her evil-laced eccentric attitude and nefarious fashion sense, which would surely be taken to wonderful extremes with Emma Stone, who has taken on a WIDE range of roles. From Birdman to Superbad, The Help to The Amazing Spiderman, Emma is certainly stretching her acting wings.

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(h/t Nylon; photos via Tristan Fewings + Frederick M. Brown/Getty)