Emma Watson may no longer play Hermione, but she’s still managing to bring magic to the universe on a daily basis. Whether she’s beatboxing with Lin-Manuel Miranda or serving up a goosebumps-inducing speech on the state of gender equality, she remains the most enchanting of humans.

Last year Emma launched a virtual book club called Our Shared Shelf, focused on books related to girl power and feminism. The newest November/December pick: Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou. She announced the newest book a few days ago via a photo on Our Shared Shelf’s Instagram account. But this month, she’s taking things a step further.

Yesterday Emma took to her own Insta account to share an adorable snap with the book on the London Tube. She captioned the snap, “I’ve been hiding copies of Mom & Me & Mom for@booksontheunderground on the tube today! See if you can find one tomorrow!” That’s right, y’all. Emma Watson is now a real life book fairy.

The sweet idea was produced in collaboration with Books on the Underground, a London-based, community project that sprinkles books in sneaky places on the London Underground for unassuming riders. The idea is that you find the book, read it and then return it to the Tube for another rider. Like an impromptu library of sorts.

Books on the Underground works with authors and publishing houses often as a guerilla-style marketing tactic. As many as 150 new books are placed around the underground every week and placed on places like seats, benches, station signs and around ticket areas. Consider it an urban treasure hunt.

Emma included handwritten notes inside each copy she hid. She dropped 100 books in total. Londoners, go forth and FIND THEM!

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