With those 2016 goals still fresh on the brain, we鈥檝e got one more for you to add to your list: read more. And no, we don鈥檛 just mean about recent celebrity engagements and secret Netflix hacks, although we highly recommend those two articles ;) We鈥檙e talking about books. Remember those? If the thought of walking into a bookstore without a specific book in mind is already giving you anxiety, we suggest joining a book club. Or better yet, why not try Emma Watson鈥檚 book club?

Emma first broke the news of her latest venture earlier this week when she asked her Twitter followers to help her name the club. She writes, 鈥淗i Team, I want to start a feminist book club but so far have only brainstormed 鈥楩eminist Book Club鈥 and 鈥楨mma Watson Book Club.'鈥 In a follow-up tweet she adds, 鈥淚 am almost certain there is a more inspiring name out there鈥. Does anyone have any thoughts?!鈥 Not surprisingly, a lot of people had a lot of thoughts 鈥 celebrities included. Sophia Bush threw out the name 鈥渇EMMAnismReads鈥 but ultimately Emma went with another fan鈥檚 suggestion: Our Shared Shelf.


After the name was decided on, Emma quickly introduced the first book club selection: Gloria Steinem鈥檚 recently released memoir My Life on the Road. Released back in fall of 2015, this critically acclaimed memoir serves as a candid account of how Steinem鈥檚 early years led her to live 鈥渁n on-the-road kind of life, traveling, listening to people, learning and creating change.鈥 Throughout the book she discusses her personal growth in connection to the ongoing movement for equality. If you鈥檙e ready to get 2016 started with an epic girl-power boost, we recommend you grab a copy ASAP.

What feminist books are on your 2016 reading list? Share with us on Twitter @britandco.

(Photo via Amazon and David M. Benett/Getty)