It’s no secret that we’re HUGE suckers for celebrity engagements, and we love when we finally get a glimpse of that ring bling, even — okay, maybe ESPECIALLY — when the reveal involves a cheeky post like Margot Robbie’s recent flip off.

Sometimes engagement rings are upgrades from the original, like Kim K’s now-famous (um, and missing) massive rock, or like the one that Chris Pratt recently got for his wife Anna Faris, obviously. But sometimes, they don’t belong to any celebrity at all, and are instead gorgeous Harry Potter-inspired beauties.

Call us cliche, but the truth is, we could gawk at any diamond, any time, and that’s exactly why we’re suggesting you fill your Instagram feed with engagement ring accounts as the perfect way to daydream during the holidays. Check out some of our favorites below.

1. Stone Fox Bride: This NYC bridal store could exist solely as an Instagram account, and we’d be totally okay with that. Featuring unique rings that always come with a proposal story, as well as always-dreamy dress and decor inspiration, this one is a must-follow even if you’re not a bride to be.

2. Trumpet and Horn: This online retailer specializes in eye-popping, eco-friendly vintage and newly made rings like you’ve never seen before. As if the rings weren’t a treat enough, check out the above photo styling as an idea of just how fun this account is. DIAMOND SUGAR COOKIES. Also, diamonds. What else do you need?!

3. Trabert Goldsmiths: This San Fran store makes drooooool-worthy classic-looking cuts with modern embellishments and detail you’ll never be able to — or want to — see all of. Every single pic on their feed is mesmerizing. Seriously.

4. Bell & Bird: For the old souls, Austin, TX-based Bell & Bird curates the most beautiful 18th and 19th century jewels for a unique — and usually HUGE — sparkler.

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5. Artemer: Fulfill all your minimalist engagement ring dreams on Artemer’s account, which will also satisfy the less-traditional ring shopper.

6. Erica Weiner: The cult Brooklyn-based jewelry designer deals in more than just engagement rings, but you’ll get more than a fair share of stunning vintage and handmade rings, each with an amazing story to tell — like this spectacular 1950s-era 1.12 carat emerald cut diamond, made when platinum was back in style after the war.

7. Anna Sheffield: Anna’s detailed bespoke designs will speak to modern brides and traditionalists alike, because sparkly. Sooo sparkly.

8. Wwake: After spending about an hour scrolling Wwake’s trendy, clean, one-of-a-kind designs, we’ll never look at another engagement ring again. Can we just marry these rings instead?!

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(Featured photo via @trumpetandhorn)