Perhaps you鈥檝e been receiving not-so-subtle hints that your S.O. is about to pop the question or you鈥檙e just window shopping for that *perfect* ring. Either way, Diamond Hedge 鈥 a diamond price comparison platform 鈥 helps you pick out your dream engagement band in record time. Their AR (augmented reality) app gives brides-to-be everywhere the option to virtually try on rings without ever having to set foot in a jewelry store.

The goal, naturally, is to make the ring-shopping experience less stressful. 鈥淓specially for men, the process of buying an engagement ring is overwhelming,鈥 says Diamond Hedge founder and CEO Mehul Sompura. 鈥淚 wanted Diamond Hedge to bring transparency and convenience to both him and her so that they can find a diamond she鈥檒l love 鈥 and for a fair price.鈥

The app (free on iOS) is intuitive and easy to navigate, and has an inventory of one million diamonds (yes, really!) from leading brands including Zales and Kay. You can narrow down your selection based on cut, clarity, color, carat, price, and other diamond specifications and compare different options. Then through the use of the app鈥檚 AR feature, you鈥檙e able to see how a ring will actually look on your finger before purchasing. 鈥淭ry on鈥 a five-carat princess diamond engagement ring with a halo rose gold band or opt for a Meghan Markle-approved design. Et voil脿! You鈥檙e practically royalty.

Once you鈥檝e found your fairy-tale ring, you can purchase it directly from the app. Who wouldn鈥檛 say yes to that?

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(Photos via Diamond Hedge)