Every proposal is memorable, but there’s something about one that happens on a mountain that takes romance to new heights. Picturesque peaks are the perfect place for adventurous couples to feel on top of the world (literally) as they declare their love for each other. The following epic engagements will make you want to grab your S.O., dig out those hiking boots, and head for the great outdoors.

1. Rocky Mountain Love: Nothing compares to getting swept off your feet in the snow. (via Alchemy Creative / Inspired by This)

2. Scandinavian Paradise: Okay, this proposal, which took place in Norway, was destined for the books. Just look at that awe-inspiring setting! (via How He Asked)

3. Surprise Engagement: That moment when mushroom hunting turns into popping the question. Bet she did *not* see it coming! (via Joe and Robin)

4. Living on the Edge: Hiking to a gorgeous lookout point is always worth it. But getting a diamond ring at the final destination? Now that’s priceless. (via Liesl Claire Photography)

5. Cloud Nine: Snow: check. Hanging out in the clouds: check. Romantic kiss and unforgettable engagement: check and check! (via Dylan M Howell Photography / Junebug Weddings)

6. All Dressed Up: A dress this stunning deserves a photo op… or 10. Oh, and that backdrop is pretty nice too. (via How He Asked)

7. Soaring Heights: Here’s proof that that magic moment is only the beginning of a lifelong adventure. (via Fox House Studio)

8. Privacy Please: This secluded peak is about as private (and romantic) as it gets. (via Jon Taylor Sweet)

9. Ladies’ Choice: We can’t decide which we love more — the breathtaking scenery or the blushing groom! (via Cinematic Tide)

10. Gorgeous Beginnings: Ain’t love grand? A panoramic view of one of the Wonders of the World really takes a proposal to the next level. (via Mike Mezeul II Photography / How He Asked)

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