Summer love is in the air, and we’re betting your Facebook feed is filled with news of engagements, shotgun weddings, and the like. Whether you’re helping out a friend, looking yourself, or just like to gawk at beautiful rings, here are 25 affordable and unconventional engagement rings for those who like a more modern look. Now, we know that the word “affordable” is pretty relative in the world of rings so we gave ourselves a range of $48 to $960. That’s right. All of these rings are under $1K! (For last year’s edition of non-traditional rings, head here.)

Oh, and married girls, maybe your right hand needs a little extra bling? ;)

1. Silver Aquamarine Ring ($300): First up, this delicate oval is subtle, beautiful, but packs enough punch to catch your eye. We love the handmade quality the band has to it.

2. Moonstone Solitaire in Oxidized Sterling ($95): For a completely non-traditional color palette, this combination of moonstone and oxidized silver is a gorgeous black and white piece.

3. Herkimer Diamond Quartz (contact for pricing): Herkimer diamonds are much more like crystals than diamonds, and they have a decidedly otherworldly quality to them. Each of these rings is handmade to order, making each one totally unique.

4. Teardrop White Gray Diamond ($980): How serene is this setting? Especially the color of the diamond? The nice thing with the teardrop shape is you can wear it upside down if you feel like mixing things up :)

5. Citrine Matte Vermeil Ring ($65): The thickness of this band makes this a sturdy piece, great for gals who use their hands a lot.

6. 1890s Victorian Ring ($395): This cool piece found by the folks at Erie Basin is a unique floral ring from the 1890s. The design is asymmetrical, with sort of a diagonal stripe pattern on either side of the center.

7. Blue Freeform Sapphire Ring ($650): This sweet ring is a good move for ladies who don’t wear a ton of jewelry, and like a little pop of color.

8. 3D Hex Ring ($685): This hand-carved hexagon features quartz stone as the gem of choice. It is definitely on board with the whole geometric trend that’s been blowing up.

9. Crystal Bloom Ring ($48): This antique-style ring from Anthropologie would also make a perfect placeholder ring if you want to let the bride-to-be choose her own statement piece.

10. Skinny Mini Bow Ring ($48): If you’re all about the pun, why not tie a knot? ;)

11. Evergreen Hollow Ring ($770): Doesn’t this look like a ring out of A Midsummer Night’s Dream? Or Lord of the Rings? In a good way?! Yeah, we think so too.

12. White Opaque Diamond Ring ($960): We haven’t seen a ton of opaque diamonds while scavenging around the web, but dig the sort of ghostly vibe.

13. Suki Moonstone Ring ($198): Moonstone is one of those cool gems that looks like a completely different color wherever you wear it.

14. Triangle Diamond Ring ($260): On the edgy end of the spectrum, this angular ring almost looks like a single pennant, in diamond form.

15. Posy Ring ($557): Made with a beautiful pink amethyst front and center, this non-traditional option has a feeling of royalty to it.

16. Heart Sapphire Ring ($175): This almost looks like a sculpture more than a ring! A dark, almost navy sapphire is nestled perfectly in a small minimal heart shape.

17. Minimalist Matte Band ($185): If Muji sold engagement rings or wedding bands, don’t you think they’d look something like this?

18. Silvery-Black Rose Cut Diamond ($425): This rose cut ring is set sweetly into a circular setting that’s just waiting to be stacked with a wedding band or pair of bands.

19. Faceted Silver Rock Ring ($49): Ready for the proposal? “You rock!”

20. Fluorite Cocktail Ring ($70): The cocktail ring option is good for ladies who like to wear tons of jewelry, and still want something that stands out from the rest.

21. Aquamarine Gemstone in Recycled Rose Gold ($648): First of all, recycled rose gold? Yes, that’s a thing and we are so into it! Secondly, this color combo is beautifully ethereal.

22. Karen Walker Wreath Ring ($89): For the girly girl, wear a ring of flowers.

23. Bittersweets NY Twig Ring ($650): And for the flower child, a band inspired by twigs.

24. Art Deco Rectangular Ring ($448): There’s something almost techie about this, don’t you think? Or maybe it’s like a Lego-shaped diamond? We dig it.

25. Little Pronged Solitaire in Yellow Gold ($460): And last, a non-traditional take on a rather conventional setting.

Which of these rings is your favorite? Do you have a non-traditional engagement ring? Talk to us in the comments below.