Distinguished by its minimalist design, emphasis on recycling, and avoidance of waste in both production and packaging, we are huge fans of Muji here at Brit + Co. Sure, we love bursts of color in every way, shape, and form, but sometimes minimalist, modern things are best, especially as staples in the home.

Muji’s no-brand look is so unusual that it has turned into a style of it’s own. Here are 20 home products that are sure to fit seamlessly into your home design.

1. Splash-Proof Smartphone Speaker ($70): First up, a little bit of tech. This portable speaker works with any smartphone, includes a touch panel making it easy to listen to music and use any other apps you like, even when you’re in the shower or at the pool. It runs on batteries, so it’s great for travel as well.

2. Check List Stamp ($4): How adorable is this stamp? Forget making a million little boxes every single day you need to make a checklist! :)

3. Silicone Ice Ball Maker ($12): We’re going to have to order one of these to see just how clear you can get the ice sphere to be. And we love the idea of using it to make other desserts.

4. LED Hook Light ($29): If you need a portable light and there isn’t a convenient plug, throw an LED hook light up. This is another gadget that’s great for travel.

5. Portable Scissors ($9): These adorable scissors are airplane-friendly for all the DIYing you want to do on your next cross-country flight.

6. Rice Storage Box ($11): Both clean and useful, this storage box includes a handy measuring cup as the cap.

7. Wall-Mounted CD Player + Radio ($100): This charming CD player (yes, people still play CDs) is a minimal piece of wall art for playing your favorite tunes. Simply pull the cable to play.

8. Wind-Up Shredder ($12): If you only need to do a little bit of shredding here and there, this is a must for your workspace.

9. Acacia Small + Large Partition Plates ($19 and up): Hate when your peas touch your carrots? And what about when gravy gets involved? These manage to be both rustic and useful for keeping everything separate. It’s like a grown-up lunch tray.

10. Travel Alarm Clock ($40): Make sure you’ve got the time wherever you go with this compact pop-up clock.

11. Silicone Tray – Dog ($18): Okay, this might actually be the most random item we came across in the Muji online store, but we had to include it. Dog-shaped sugar cookies, anyone?

12. Hand-Knitted Wine Bag ($11): Hand-knitted from polypropylene, this wine bag is ready for your next picnic.

13. Alphabet Cookie Cutters ($40): You know we love a good cookie cutter! The only thing we’re wondering is how big these cookie cutters are.

14. PET Pump Bottles ($6): For a simple pump made from recycled materials, these Muji soap dispensers fit the bill and come in a few different colors.

15. Heat Reactive Cityscape Mug ($28): Care for a little heat-reactive tech with your morning coffee? The cityscape on this mug shows up only when the mug is warm.

16. Aluminum Low Table Wagon ($111): Yep, Muji also makes furniture! This utility wagon works as a coffee table, nightstand, or just general side table in any room in your house.

17. Clock Stickies ($4): Love this way of organizing the day or letting someone know when they need to be somewhere.

18. Mini Colored Pencils ($11): I personally have a set of these and take them on just about every trip. They are compact enough to fit in your purse and come in a set of 36 colors.

19. Handy Duster ($17): For some reason, this little duster makes us think of a Disney character.

20. Clear Playing Cards ($18): Last, a set of playing cards so minimal that they’re see-through! Of course, all of the cards look the same in the eyes of your opponent.

Have you checked out Muji products online or in person? What are your other favorite design shops? Talk to us in the comments below.