Sasha Fierce wouldn’t wear anything to undermine her namesake. Oh no, no. So it comes as no surprise that Erica M, the luxury hosiery brand that’s been called Beyoncé’s favorite legwear line, is just as strikingly sexy.

Created by Brooklyn-based designer Erica Young, the lingerie-inspired bodywear line consists of body suits and tights that act as an ultra-hot second skin. Made to empower the wearer with “an all-original design matched to her personality,” it’s easy to see why the hosiery has caught the eye of celebs like Rihanna, Madonna and supermodel Alessa Ambrosio.

In a video exclusively made for Racked, Young talks through her creative process inside her Williamsburg studio. “The initial stage in designing for me, I really like to treat it like a painting,” she says of her ornate creations.

The daring designs feature prints of garters, suspender belts and lacing that exude extreme confidence, making them the perfect pair of party tights to wear with your freakum dress. Or, you could take a cue from Bey and keep the creations for your man’s eyes only. The “Drunk in Love” singer, who owns custom nude versions of the signature black designs, told Young herself that she wears ‘em exclusively for Jay Z. Ooh la la!

So while chances of an Erica M sighting on Beyoncé during her “On the Run” tour this summer are slim, YOU can most definitely be caught rocking the seductive + sophisticated stockings under that scuba wrap skirt or as a major P.I.C to your LBD. Go on, snag the Bey-worthy bodywear ($55) online at + Free People.

Would you slip on Beyoncé’s favorite tights? What hosiery brands are your go-tos? Tell us in the comments below.

(h/t Racked)