2016 kinda sucked, right? We could go through and tell you everything awful, terrible and depressing that happened this year, but Facebook already beat us to the punch. The social media network just began releasing its annual, personalized “Year in Review” videos, and nobody is happy about it. In fact, it seems everybody would prefer it if Facebook just dropped the whole thing this year.

Portrait of serious young woman staring at smartphone text

According to its year-end wrap-up, these were the top 10 things that everybody was talking about on Facebook this year:

10. Muhammad Ali

9. David Bowie

8. Super Bowl

7. Brexit

6. Olympics

5. Rodrigo Duterte & Philippine Presidential Election

4. Black Lives Matter

3. Pokémon Go

2. Brazilian Politics

1. US Presidential Election

What a fun countdown to destruction! But there was one hero that emerged from the rubble of this year: Chewbacca Mom. Candace Payne’s pure joy and infectious laughter made her the #1 most viewed live video on Facebook this year. But in case Chewbacca Mom alone is not enough to lift your spirits — and because misery loves company — here’s a selection of everybody on Twitter moaning about their year in review.


How about a 2017 preview instead?

Would anybody really mind if we just erased 2016 from all of our calendars?

Ooooh… rough.

No pressure, 2017, but we’re pinning all of our hopes and dreams on you.

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(h/t The Verge; photo via Getty)