Let’s face it: Ever since the hashtag was first introduced to Internet users to make searching and curating easier, no one has been the same. Okay, so we may sometimes take our hashtag love a little further than your average tweeter, but we like to think we keep our clickable phrases in check for the most part. However, there are several (make that thousands and millions) of people who tend to get a little carried away with the pound sign when it comes to their tweets and Instagram captions. Relive the most overused hashtags of 2014 (even some that broke the Internet) and ones we wouldn’t mind seeing again in 2015 below.


Over These Hashtags


1. #blessed: The inclusion of this hashtag in tweets was fun as a novelty when it first became popular, but now everyone everywhere is taking it a little too far. You’re not really that #blessed for weather permitting you another day of yoga pants.

2. #sorrynotsorry: We can’t deny it, we enjoy getting a little sassy every once in a while, but this catchphrase has gone the way of fetch.

3. #justsayin: It’s time for the sun to go down on this popular tag. Just sayin’.

4. #twerk: Although Miley had a fairly quiet year, this phrase kept popping up everywhere. Where’s the We Can Stop, We Will Stop Twerking petition when you need it?

5. #breakttheInternet: Yes, we loved Ellen and Portia’s take on Kim K.’s headline grabbing photoshoot. But we think it would be great for the Kardashian to break her norm and go under the radar for a while.

6. #lifetimemoviesbelike: We’ll admit, this trendy topic was hysterical at first, because Lifetime obviously doesn’t have the best casting directors. But there’s only so many awfully bad comedians we can take before we have to put this tag on mute.

7. #likeforlike (and any other follow-backs): This tag, and others like it (#followforfollow, #teamfollowback, etc.), are for the desperate. Stop being thirsty and people may just come to you naturally ;)

8. #[insert whatever here]problems: Just like #blessed, these ones were funny at first, but all the #…problems tweets have long been giving us endless eyerolls.

9. #foodporn: The problem with this one is that 98% of the pictures associated with it look like a TV dinner. Keep the food photography to the professionals, please.

10. #nooffense: We think you mean “yes offense,” and we’re not going to RT or favorite that.

Keep ‘Em Comin’


1. #selfie: This one’s never going anywhere, so we may as well indulge ourselves with an #Elfie and a #DoItYourselfie throughout 2015 and beyond.

2. #TBT: Really though, who doesn’t love an aww-dorable baby photo or a hysterically embarrassing middle school shot once a week?

3. #iamcreative: We want to see this one trending every day forever because we believe every adult is just as creative as the kids of the world.

4. #mancrushmonday (#MCM): Because it’s the perfect companion to that shot of caffeine to start the workweek. Though don’t be confused when we switch it up and start making it #makercushmonday — #sorrynotsorry #oops #youknowwhatwemean.

5. #remake2015: A conference and marketplace filled with creative minds, products and tech? Why isn’t this a daily trending topic? (Oh yeah, because it only happens once a year.)

6. #caturday: Cats on a Saturday doing cat things. Throw a Moscow Mule in your hand while scrolling this tag and you’ll be the hippest cat lady around.

7. #OOTD: Fashion is just one outlet we use for inspiration, so obviously we can never get enough of the daily streetwear presented on Insta.

8. Instagram’s #WHP: The social network’s weekend hashtag projects leave us confident there are millions of adults tapping into their creativity. And we love that (see #3 ;)

9. #Scandal, #HTGAWM, etc.: We’re all about live tweeting our fave shows. Producers, just make sure you keep it to the title and not a new phrase for every scene (#makethatstop).

10. #homemakers: Share with us how *YOU* are redefining that old school word (while reading our book!) all year long.

What hashtags are you guilty of overusing this year? Let us know in the comments.