Facebook is really making waves this year. They made us download a standalone app for Messenger if we wanted to keep using the service, which aggravated a lot of people. Why make a separate app that isn’t going to do anything different? Oh ye of little faith. The social media giant used Messenger to introduce bots, which can do some super useful things, from recommending Netflix movies to being your personal savings assistant. Wowza. They also recently updated Messenger even more, redirecting the focus of Messenger to the visual stuff.

Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada - March 23, 2014: A person using social media, ready to push the Messenger app icon on the home screen of an iPhone model device. Various icons visible including Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn with online storage options such as Box, Dropbox, Google Drive, and Amazon Drive also visable among other apps.

Today’s update adds even more. Now you can not only video chat with your pals, but you can chat with multiple pals at the same time. It’s almost like meeting IRL, except in Messenger you have the benefit of AR filters and fun stickers. The update is rolling out all over the world to both iOS and Android users, but one feature remains iOS-only for now: live masks. If you’ve used the Snapchat masks like the dog and the bee, etc., you’ll be familiar with this feature already.

For real, how much closer can Facebook get to Snapchat before there’s some kind of copyright issue? Or maybe Facebook will just buy Snapchat and call it a day.

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(h/t The Verge, photos via Getty)