Although the premise of Facebook has never really changed since its inception, the social media giant’s tactics and services are always changing. When Facebook introduced Messenger in 2008 (don’t worry: we feel old, too), it was just a way to send messages to friends that happened to be online at the same time. But now it’s becoming an entity all on its own.


Facebook is making everybody download the Messenger app to continue using the service while on the go. While those who use the mobile Facebook app were forced to download Messenger a while ago, users who were accessing Messenger from a mobile browser have until the summer to switch over to the app. Currently, a pop-up appears that alerts users to the imminent switch. It’s possible to opt out, but soon the alert wall will be permanent. This near-forced DL underlines Facebook’s new emphasis on Messenger.

For those who are hesitant to download the Messenger app: There are plenty of reasons to do so. In addition to new emoji and a secret chess game, the service is experimenting with bots. The chatbots act like personal assistants that can transfer money from your bank account, give instant updates on the weather, crawl the news and even order an Uber. But for those trying a digital detox approach by refusing to download the app, these services will still be available on the Facebook website when accessed from a computer, so you won’t have total #FOMO.

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(h/t Techcrunch, photo via Facebook)