The fall season is all about decorating with dry leaves, pinning a million Halloween costume ideas on Pinterest and lighting up a holiday candle that encapsulates everything you love about the season. This year, fragrances like wood, sage and leather are taking center stage, but there’s always room on your coffee table for a classic pumpkin spice scent or a musky floral that will have everyone who comes into your home asking, “What are you burning??” Check out 20 of our favorite unique fall candles — and make sure you stock up on a few as holiday gifts for all your favorite people.


1. Candlefish Ceramic Candles ($28): As if the luxe scent description wasn’t enough to win you over, the gorgeous white and gold ceramic jars with a marble lid will look right at home in any part of your living space. Featuring notes of pepper, cardamom, birch tar, amber wood and cedar, these candles make for instant autumnal magic.


2. H&M Scented Candle in Ceramic Jar ($18): Can’t commit to a single holiday scent? No worries — H&M’s candles feature single notes like cotton and sandalwood so you can mix and match to create your ideal atmosphere.


3. Falling into Place Sweet Wilderness Candle ($24): Light this hand-poured soy wax candle for instant homey holiday vibes. Plum, spruce, grapefruit, cinnamon and clove notes come together to form an intoxicating fragrance that you and your guests will be obsessed with.


4. MOLTON BROWN Black Peppercorn Three-Wick Candle ($74): Spice up your home with this unexpected blend of ginger, amber and bergamot. Plus, there are three wicks, so you will have plenty of flickering light with just a single candle.


5. PF Candle Co. Double Wick Jar Candle Teakwood and Tobacco ($32): Notes of black pepper, tobacco and berry come together to make an amazing cold-weather option. The warm and rich fragrance won’t be overpowering, but will instantly create a comforting atmosphere.


6. DIY Scented Candle: Everyone wants a room full of glowing, well-scented warmth, but at $30 a pop, candles can turn into quite the splurge. Stock up on all natural soy wax and essential oils and DIY your own scents this year. (via Fall for DIY)


7. Sabon The Spell Luxury Candle ($26): Sometimes with candles, it’s all about the packaging, and this stylish gold and black option is just what your coffee table ordered. Don’t worry — it’s not just a pretty face. With a combination of dry earthy-woody notes and sweet tones, this sexy, laid-back scent is perfect for burning all season long.


8. Jo Malone Orange Bitters Candle ($205): Eek, at that price, you’ll want to make sure you read this hack on how to make your candles last twice as long! Warm up the room with notes of bright orange, rich prune and a sensual base of sandalwood.


9. Voluspa Maison Metallo Spruce Cuttings Candle ($18): Why wait until you cut down a tree to enjoy that fresh, sappy goodness? This double-wicked candle will give you 50 hours of spruce-scented bliss without shedding a single pine needle into your carpet. #winning


10. DIY Chai Candles in Canning Jars: Save your pennies and DIY your own candles this year. It’s easier than you might think, and you can totally personalize the scents to get something one of a kind. Your friends and family won’t complain if a few of these chai candles show up in their hostess gifts either. (via Hello Glow)


11. Illume Pumpkin Peppercorn Medium Radiant Metal Candle ($23): It wouldn’t be autumn without at least one or two pumpkin candles. This chic option takes a classic scent and spices it up with sweet peppercorn, roasted cinnamon bark and a twist of tangy citrus peel.


12. Chandler Candle Co. Pumpkin Chai Tea Candle ($20): Channel your favorite seasonal beverage with this cozy scent that pairs creamy pumpkin with warm and spicy chai tea for one delicious combination. Perfect for any home, this candle wonderfully complements the cool, crisp weather of the season.


13. Byredo Bibliothèque Bougie Parfumée Scented Candle ($80): No big deal, but this just happens to be Taylor Swift’s favorite candle evah. This luxurious leather-scented candle is laced with vanilla and will have you feelin’ like you’re sitting pretty in your own leather-bound library.


14. NEOM Organics Real Luxury Scented Candle ($72): Neom’s candles are scented using only pure essential oils, which means your home will be burning clean this season. Notes of jasmine, rosewood and relaxing French lavender come together to make you feel like you’re spending a day at the spa every time you light this candle.


15. Diptyque Feu de Bois Candle ($32+): No crackling fireplace to light up this season? No worries, this sophisticated blend of rare woods will have you believe you’re sitting cozy next to an open fire. This woodsy scent from the infamous French brand is a warm blend of wood, smoke and hints of spruce.


16. Yankee Candle Crisp Fall Night Candle ($11): If you’re the outdoorsy type who loves getting out in that cool fall air, this candle was made for you. Inspired by brisk earthiness, this candle features lavender and woodland notes that will have you reaching for your fave slouchy sweater ASAP.

17. Ellis Brooklyn Fable Terrific Scented Candle ($60): Ditch the usual cinnamon scents in favor of this exotic orange blossom, violet and honeysuckle candle. Just like a fall floral bouquet, deep tones of crisp amber and cedarwood take this candle to the next level and will fill all rooms of your house with a touch of the exotic.


18. Linneas Lights Hearth Candle ($34): Aside from the main scent of cedar, this candle features sweet amber and leather to envelop you in a perfectly warm and cozy fragrance that’ll have you itching to bust out the hot cocoa. It’s perfect for those looking for an alternative to your typical pumpkin fall scent.


19. Flores Lane NYC Candle ($24): These candles are inspired by scents of NYC, sans l’eau du subway, of course. With scents like tobacco and patchouli for Williamsburg, and amber, sandalwood and bayberry for LES, you can feel like you’re traveling the city without leaving the comfort of your sofa.


20. Jonathan Adler Bourbon Pop Candle ($42): This lush scent is housed in a metallic container that’s begging to be reused as a vase when you’ve burned it all up. Whether you’re a bourbon drinker or more of a Champagne kind of gal, you’ll love the notes of cognac, plum, leather and cedarwood these elegant candles bring to your home.

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