We’re all for taking fashion risks. Self-expression is what style is all about. But every now and then, fashion can be so totally confounding that the only expression we’re left with is “What the —?”

Allow us to elaborate. Two major retailers have recently reinvented some tried-and-true items you don’t want to mess with. And as a result, the internet is going bonkers trying to figure out why.

Item 1: the window jeans, AKA Topshop Clear Knee Mom Jeans ($95).


The aptly named Clear Knee Mom Jeans are sold at Nordstrom, and are definitely practical for those of you who want the whole exposed knee look without the possibility of catching a chill. People online have been having a field day with these patella panes:

But at least these Clear Knee Mom Jeans have a hint of practicality. This next item, however…

Item 2: This… crop top?


Note, we’re not talking about that cute bra. Just the white piece of fabric that’s hovering above the bra. Urban Outfitters is calling it the “Out from Under Extreme Crop Tank Top Shrug,” because we truly like our crop top shrugs to be as extreme as possible. The product page has been taken down, but only after this bib of a shirt was ridiculed mercilessly online:

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(Photos via Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters, h/t to Buzzfeed and Teen Vogue)