Dads. We love them and we want to show them we care, but sometimes it can be tricky to find something affordable for The Man Who Has Everything. That’s why today we’ve teamed up with Hallmark Gold Crown to show you 13 ways to bring a smile to Dad’s face without emptying your piggy bank. We’ve got DIY projects, recipes and a handful of must-buys that Dad will love. Check out our list below.


1. Life Is Good® Mugs ($15): We all know a good dad joke when we hear one. Though these cheeseball jokes can at times be super embarrassing or worthy of an eye roll, they also warm our hearts. After all, Dad is just trying to make us laugh. That’s why we suggest you turn the tables this Father’s Day and give Dad a mug that will make him chuckle.


2. DIY Beard Balm: Is your dad rocking a hipster beard these days? If so, he’s probably in need of some aromatic beard balm. Follow our tutorial and DIY this hair product yourself — we’ve even got a printable so you can label your jar!


3. World’s Best Dad Cupcake Mug: That’s right. This is an edible mug with a cupcake inside. Dads with a sweet tooth will go nuts for this version of the classic World’s Best Dad mug. Covered in fondant molded into a cup, this chocolate cupcake is all he needs for a Father’s Day win.


4. Kiddie Car Classics ($20+): This one is for the car-lover dad. Head to the garage (Dad’s favorite “room” in the house) and give him that classic car he’s always wanted. The mini version, that is. These collectors items will look great on his desk or a shelf in his man cave. Stick with the theme and bring him a beer in a Mustang pint glass, and tell him you love him in a car-themed card (or shall we call it a car-d?).


5. Engraved Drinkware: Whether your dad is a staunch beer drinker, a cocktail aficionado or a soda pop guy at heart, he’ll love an engraved cup. Pick up our Engraving Kit, which includes everything you need to make this adorable gift. All that’s left is to think up the perfect word or phrase that is SO your dad.


6. Millionaire’s Bacon Cinnamon Rolls: Grab some tissue because Dad is going to cry tears of joy when he sees that you’ve combined his two favorite breakfast items. Bacon + cinnamon rolls = breakfast sent from heaven. Or sent from you — his lovely, amazing, smart, creative, thoughtful child. We’re just preparing you for the praise you’re going to get for these ;) Oh, and if you need more bacon recipe inspiration, check out this video featuring bacon s’mores. Can we say mouth-watering? Uh, yeah.


7. Customized Grill Tools ($17): Go for the quintessential dad gift and purchase some grilling tools for your barbecue-master dad.


Then take it to the next level by customizing your tool set with a wood-burning tool. Check out our post for the step-by-step. Don’t forget to pick up some burger fixin’s and some charcoal so that Dad can immediately use his present (and make YOU some dinner!).


8. “All Hail Lager and Ale” Beer Flight Set ($30): Go big and buy Dad a flight. By that we mean a BEER flight. (We’re on a budget, remember?) Then head to the store and find some craft beers Dad hasn’t tried (plus his favorite variety to sneak that into the test). Fill up the glasses and have him do a blind taste test to see what he likes best. Will he like his old favorite the best? You’ll just have to get one of these awesome flight trays to see. For a few tips and tricks on how to best facilitate the challenge, check out this beer-tasting tutorial.


9. Chocolate Toolbox: Nothing says “I love you Dad” like a tool box… Except a toolbox filled with chocolate tools. That’s right, tool molds exist, and they are just what you need to make Dad all kinds of tool-shaped treats. If Dad isn’t a chocolate lover, you can also use these to make homemade gummies!


10. DIY Bow Tie: Upgrade Dad’s wardrobe this year with a handmade bow tie. It sounds like a challenge, but this DIY is actually a cinch. Bonus points to whoever can find the most amazing patterned fabric for this project. Dads — they love a crazy patterned tie, amirite?

11. Open-Face Steak Sandwich: If all Dad really wants for his special day is a juicy steak, make his dreams come true with an open-face steak sandwich doused in drool-worthy balsamic sauce. The open face gives it a much more dramatic effect, since he can see the perfectly cooked slices of meat (who needs two pieces of bread anyway?!). Go for aesthetics, people.


12. DIY Cornhole: There’s no better gift you can give Dad than the gift of QT. And there’s no better way to spend QT than outside playing lawn games. This year, make your pop his very own cornhole set. Also, be a good kid and let him win ;)

13. “Bacon” by the Hallmark Cardcierge: Last but not least, if your family loves sitting around watching funny YouTube videos, connect with Dad and have a laugh over this clip. I mean, you guys — there’s a bacon HOUSE in it. Enough said.

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This post is a collaboration with Hallmark Gold Crown.

Author: Roxy Taghavian
 Styling: Maddie Bachelder