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If your Instagram feed is getting clogged with fitspo pics and vids, here’s a little something that will add some empowering variety to your day. Tumblr user Ambivalently Yours is on a mission to Instagram a new drawing for 91 days, each with a kickass feminist message. They are made simply, with pens, pencils and watercolors, but the result is kooky cool. On her Tumblr, the artist says that keeping herself anonymous helps her to be bolder with her messages, saying things she might be too timid to say in real life.

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Some of the messages are directed at the catcalling or “asking for it” debate that just never seems to go away. “Did I mislead you or did you see what you want to see?” asks one. “I’m not flirting, I’m just awkwardly friendly” declares another. In others, she gets real about dating. “My love for you is all assumptions and miscommunications” says one. Some will sit with you long after you scroll past, such as her poster saying “Beware of the choices that you didn’t choose.”


“The best time for me to draw is when I’m kind of calm and sad for no particular reason,” the artist says on her Tumblr. “When I’m not in the right mood, music sometimes helps to get me there (Fleetwood Mac and Cat Power are two safe bets), but it doesn’t always work.” She says she was inspired by the juxtaposition of working in the fashion industry and her love for feminist art. Oh, and the Riot Grrrl movement — obviously. “A lot of my work references my own life and is inspired by my personal stories, the stories people tell me, the stories I hear, read and watch on TV. I am always most compelled by art that comes from an honest and personal place,” she says. And the result couldn’t be more spot on.

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Like what you see? She’s selling her pieces here.

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