Thinking about picking up a paintbrush this summer? There鈥檚 no better time than now to learn how to use watercolors. We love how soft and airy these types of paintings can be, which is why learning how to use watercolors is on our to-do list for this summer. To help get your creative juices flowing, here are 11 ah-ma-zing watercolor artists you should definitely follow on Instagram.

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1. @brownpaperbunny: As an Australian illustrator based in the United States, Jessica Mack has a passion for watercolor. Her Insta feed is filled with fashion illustrations and splashes of bold colors.

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2. @emiliysanforddesign: This rad artist paints bright and colorful illustrations that are eventually transformed onto surface designs for iPhone covers, clothing and more.

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3. @hellolovelypeople_: Kristen Van Leuven paints inspiring, color-filled quotes and lovely portraits of couples and families. Every watercolor she creates emits so much positivity and love.


4. @muchloveilly: This lady is about to brighten your day with her bold watercolor paintings. From flamingos and pineapples to abstract designs, this artist isn鈥檛 afraid to color her world.

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5. @anna_pole: Soft and feminine floral paintings are what Anna鈥檚 feed is all about. You鈥檒l find that she pays close attention to detail with every fine line and layer of color.

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6. @tracyhetzel: Each one of Tracy Hetzel鈥檚 watercolors is very whimsical and darling. Get ready to feel like you鈥檙e in a fairytale with her latest series of 鈥淚maginary Friends鈥 paintings.

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7. @arakelova: Another must-follow artist is this Russian painter. Many of her watercolors feature charming animals, flowers and plants that are sure to brighten up any day.

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8. @vicky_od: No matter who you are, it鈥檚 difficult to resist this watercolor artist. But you鈥檒l be especially be smitten if you鈥檙e in love with flowers and feminine designs.

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9. @little_canoe: This one鈥檚 for all you nature-loving, adventure-seeking peeps out there. Check out Brook Weeber鈥檚 feed for super cute watercolor critters enjoying the great outdoors. Trust us, you won鈥檛 be able to get enough of her darling illustrations.

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10. @nataliestudio: Here鈥檚 another watercolor artist who mostly paints flowers. What makes Natalie unique, however, is the dainty and charming strokes she makes to create each gorgeous petal and leaf.


11. @pinkpuddlestudio: Bright and beautiful bouquets are the centerpieces for Rachel鈥檚 artwork. We love the plethora of peonies and dahlias that make up her feed.

What are your favorite watercolor artists to follow on Instagram? Let us know in the comments below!