While everyone has been gearing up and getting excited about the Apple Watch, which is said to be released later this year, it turns out we’re all a little behind the times. You see, the Apple Watch of 2015 isn’t the first or only Apple Watch out there. A similar device was made by Cupertino, the same company producing the modern day wearable, in 1995.

old apple watch

The custom wristwatch featured aluminum bezel, scratch-resistant glass, a blue metallic finish, a delightfully ’90s wavy second hand and the old rainbow Apple logo. Take a look at the throwback tech and get ready for a blast from the past.

Supposedly, the original watch was offered as an incentive to get users to upgrade to the Mac OS System 7.5. And you can get your hands on one again, though you’ll have to add your name to a waitlist. It turns out old school tech is pretty popular these days. We think you’re probably better off holding out for the new thing, but hey, a little old school charm never hurt anyone.

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(h/t App Advice)