Even people who are not total type nerds know the infinite power that is Helvetica. It’s an expansive, sleek Swiss typeface that’s as modern as it is timeless. It’s so classic there’s even been a movie made about it. And now there’s a way for you to look at it all day, every day, right on the face of a watch.

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Swiss watch company Mondaine actually spent months deliberating on what font to use for the watch, but ultimately landed on the iconic typeface of their home country.

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The glyphs of Helvetica don’t just appear on the face of the watch. The designers used the shapes of the letters and numbers to dictate the lines and shapes of the watch itself. In fact, they love Helvetica so much, this is the first watch they’ve designed with numbers on the face at all.

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They designed three versions of the watch for three weights of Helvetica: Light, Regular and Bold. You can buy the Helvetica watch now for prices starting at $400.

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