As the temps continue to heat up this spring, we’re swapping out our mugs of hot cocoa for frosty glasses of fruity cocktails and sparkling water. The best way to dress up these warm-weather drinks? Toss in a few flavored ice cubes for a cool taste explosion. From zesty fruit-flavored combos to pretty ice “designs” that just look plain awesome in a drink, these ice cube recipes will keep you sipping pretty all the way from spring into summer. Cheers!


1. Glam Glitter: Even plain old water gets exciting when you add in some glitter-infused ice cubes. Just make sure you use edible glitter so you don’t get little shiny specks stuck in your teeth! (via A Subtle Revelry)


2. Spiffy Stripes: The stripe trend lands in your drink courtesy of these layered ice cubes. Plus, layering different liquids means your cubes contain a bunch of different yummy flavors. (via The View from Great Island)


3. Lemon-Infused: We’re no strangers to flavorful ice cubes at Brit + Co. This lemon variety is perfect for sparkling water or a refreshing vodka cocktail. (via Brit + Co)


4. Sweet and Tart: Sprinkle some pineapple- and raspberry-flavored ice cubes in your drink for a tart, tropical twist. Just freeze the pureed fruits for a bite-sized burst of frozen flavor. (via by Stephanie Lynn)


5. Spheres of Flavor: These frozen melon balls not only taste great, but they also look totally cute. The fun shape adds a little something special to a pitcher of plain ol’ water. (via The Kitchn)


6. Minty Fresh: Freshen your breath while you sip the day away with these mint-infused ice cubes. These cubes are especially perfect for your fave mojito recipe. (via 17 Apart)


7. Caffeine Fix: Don’t you hate it when the ice cubes melt in your coffee and you’re left with a water-downed drink? Problem solved with these frozen coffee cubes. The perfect cup of ice-cold coffee is coming right up. (via Rabbit Food for my Bunny Teeth)


8. Rosy Water: You might never have thought ice cubes could be romantic, but these ice-enrobed roses will make you think again. Such a pretty addition to bridal shower cocktails or Mother’s Day drinks. (via JJ Begonia)


9. Creepy Crawly Concoction: Freak out your guests by serving up a cocktail filled with wiggly worms. And since gummy worms are so darn tasty, your guests will be thanking you later. (via Babble)


10. Wine Ice: Keep your white wine cool with these chardonnay ice cubes. The edible flowers frozen within add a classy touch. (via Cambria Winery)


11. Red, White and Blue: Show off your patriotic side with these raspberry- and blueberry-infused ice cubes. Plus, when the ice melts, you have some yummy berries to munch on. (via Momtastic)


12. Pretty in Pink: Preserve the flavor punch of pomegranates in ice cubes to jazz up all your drinks. The pomegranate adds a vibrant pink hue to the ice, not to mention a little crunch. (via By Stephanie Lynn)

What ice-cube combo are you dressing up your drinks with? Tell us in the comments below!