Memorial Day doesn’t just give you the green light to bust out your white jeans, it’s a big thumbs up for barbecues, weekend getaways and lazy hours lounging by the pool. Got your hot new swimsuit? Check. Your chic shades? Double check. Your refreshing drink with boring square ice cubes? Not anymore, thanks to our roundup of 18 fun ice molds guaranteed to have everyone sippin’ in style at your next pool party. Grab a set or two today, and get ready to make your sunshiny days even more awesome.

1. Gummy Bear Ice Mold ($7): Calorie-free gummy bears?! Sign us up!

2. Coffee Bean Ice Mold ($8): Your favorite chilled latte just got a whole lot better thanks to a refreshing handful of frozen coffee cubes.

3. LEGO Brick Ice Mold ($5): Looking to build the perfect summer drink? A LEGO-inspired ice mold makes it fun and easy.

4. Heart Ice Mold ($10): Love is in the air… and your drink, when you drop in a heart-shaped ice cube.

5. Dachshund Ice Mold ($8): Get ready for the dog days of summer with a too-cute dachshund-inspired mold.

6. Ring Ice Mold ($7): If you like it, go ahead and put a ring in it! This unique mold lets you dress up drinks at an engagement party or bridal shower.

7. Chill Pill Ice Mold ($9): Take a chill pill (or two!) with the help of this one-of-a-kind ice mold that’s just what the doctor ordered.

8. Guitar Ice Mold ($8): A guitar-inspired ice mold is sure to jazz up any music lover’s drink.

9. Pac Man Ice Mold ($12): Feeling nostalgic? This Pac Man-inspired ice mold is a total blast from the past.

10. Batman Ice Mold ($8): Keep it cooler than the Bat Cave, and channel Gotham’s iconic hero by freezing up a tray of bat-shaped ice cubes just perfect for summer soirees or Halloween haunts.

11. Pineapple Ice Mold ($14): No Hawaiian vacation on the horizon? No problem! Pineapple-shaped ice cubes give drinks island-style flair.

12. Chess Ice Mold ($13): Nerd alert! Trounce the competition by serving up chess-inspired cubes at your next party. Checkmate!

13. Titanic Ice Mold ($8): Hilarious or just bad taste? Either way, you’ll be shaking things up on the pool deck this summer by sinking Titanic and iceberg-inspired cubes into drinks.

14. Raindrop Ice Mold ($10): Summer showers got you down? Turn a rainy day around with a droplet-inspired ice mold guaranteed to brighten your outlook… or make you really feel like watching Jurassic Park again.

15. Shark Fin Ice Mold ($8): The only time you ever want to see a shark fin at the beach.

16. Penguin Ice Mold ($4): Take chillaxing to a whole new level with an adorable ice mold featuring everyone’s favorite Antarctic creature.

17. Octopus Ice Mold ($4): Ooze cuteness with an outrageously cool octopus ice mold.

18. Diamond Ice Mold ($8): Unlike a pricey diamond ring or necklace, the ice in this drink doesn’t cost a thing. (Well, except the $8 for the mold.)

Which of these ice molds would you love to try out this summer? Tell us below!