Planning a wedding is great and all, but let鈥檚 be honest, it can be totally stressful. Keeping track of all those to-do lists and get-togethers is like a full-time job. So what鈥檚 on the top of our list for getting ready for the big day? The bridal shower, of course! It鈥檚 the perfect time to celebrate the bride, hang with your ladies and drink bubbly. And whether you鈥檙e planning it yourself or for your bestie, a fun theme is definitely in order. Get ready to be inspired to plan a great day with girlfriends with these 15 must-see bridal shower themes.


1. Love and Maybe a Donut: Umm, donuts are THE best, and a donut-themed bridal shower is even better. (via Quiet Like Horses)


2. DIY Party: Are you at all surprised that we are totally in favor of a DIY party for your bridal shower? Probs not. (via Shutter Nonsense)


3. Love Is Brewing: Because who doesn鈥檛 love coffee? You can go all out with this theme by including coffee everything 鈥 we鈥檙e thinking foods, desserts, cocktails and favors. (via Kirsten Julia Photography)


4. Beachy Bridal Shower: You can鈥檛 go wrong with a classic beach theme. And how cute are these cookies? (via Hostess With the Mostess)


5. Fairytale: If your relationship is an absolute fairytale, why not make it your bridal shower theme? It鈥檚 that easy. (via Cassie Pepper Photography)


6. Love Is Sweet: Love is patient, love is kind sweet. Sounds about right to us. (via Silk Truffle Photography)


7. Sweet Tea Soiree: Use Mason jars and bright flowers to create the perfect sweet tea soiree. (via One Charming Day)


8. You Had Me at Merlot: A wine-themed bridal shower seems like *just* the party we want to attend. (via Hostess With the Mostess)


9. Kate Spade-Inspired: In honor of NYFW, a Kate Spade-inspired shower is a must. (via Lauren Rae)


10. Botanical Bridal Shower: If you鈥檙e one to stick with the classics, go for a no-fail botanical theme. (via Maven Bride)


11. Coco Chanel-Inspired: If we had to guess, this is what Coco Chanel鈥檚 baby shower would look like. Chic-ify your space with B+W and a touch of baby pink. (via Sam Wong)


12. Julia Childs-Inspired: Pro tip: All of your guests can write their favorite dishes on a recipe card, Julia Childs style. (via Injoy Imagery)


13. Sombreros and Rancheros: If your wedding is near Cinco de Mayo, we think a sombrero and rancheros party would be pretty epic. A pi帽ata probably wouldn鈥檛 hurt either. (via Joielala Photographie)


14. Mint to Be: A 鈥渕int to be鈥 themed shower? Now that鈥檚 just too sweet. (via Etsy)


15. Spread the Love: Invite your closest friends to a strawberry bridal shower in your garden to spread the love. (via Melissa Biador)

Are you planning a bridal shower? Tell us your theme ideas below!