Stripes are one classic pattern that will never go out of style. Whether they’re horizontal, vertical, diagonal, straight, crooked or irregular, we’re loving everything about colorful, contrasting lines — especially on the home front. Adding stripes to your space can be just as simple as throwing on a striped top with some jeans. From DIY dish towels to stripey rugs, these 24 products will completely stripe up your life. And yes, that’s a Spice Girls reference.

1. Striped Rice Bowl ($40): Just because this is technically a rice bowl doesn’t mean you can’t use it for everything. These one-of-a-kind bowls were handmade in New York with thin wobbly stripes and an irregular rippled edge.

2. Stripes Abound Apron ($36): If you’re a whiz in the kitchen, you’ll love the functionality of this cotton blue-and-white-striped apron. It comes complete with two front pockets and belt loops, so it’s super practical while simultaneously making you look like an adorable ’50s housewife.

3. Jacquard Stripe Dishtowel ($8): We are total suckers for colorful dish towels. These cotton striped cuties from Anthropologie come in a variety of different colors and will absolutely dress up your kitchen.

4. Large Striped Vase ($100): Handmade in Brooklyn, this 7″ tall, wheel-thrown vase just may outshine your flower bouquet. The hand-painted, misshapen blue stripes slightly bleed into the white ceramic, making for a truly artsy accessory for your space.

5. Porcelain Stripe Trays ($16): Crisp, clean stripes are always a chic way to decorate your vanity. The versatile porcelain trays can be used in your bathroom to display jewelry, perfume and soaps, or you can place them in your kitchen to hold your oils and condiments.

6. DIY Washi Tape Cord Cover: There’s nothing worse than a power cord strung across the floor. It can ruin the whole vibe of your living quarters. Luckily, you can disguise those unpleasant wires with colorful bands of washi tape. (via Design Love Fest)

7. Soda Fountain Straws ($6): The hottest item in kitchen accessories? Striped paper straws! These retro-inspired minty tubes come in a sets of 25 and will make even your glass of tap water look good. And did we mention they come in several other pretty hues?

8. Paint Stripe Napkin ($14): These quirky vibrant napkins will be the topic of conversation at your next dinner party. Alternating blue and green brush strokes and uneven polka dots adorn these delightful cotton napkins.

9. Triangle Quilt ($169): Your cozy bed is begging for a handcrafted quilt like this one from West Elm. Inspired by traditional shirt stripes, this cotton quilt was woven and dyed by artisans in India.

10. Blue Stripe Oven Mitt ($10): The one accessory everyone needs in their kitchen is an oven mitt (unless you store your shoes in your oven a la Carrie Bradshaw). These heavy-duty pinstripe mitts are the perfect blend of form and function.

11. Striped Bowl ($60): This ceramic bowl by Cassie Griffin was handmade in Brooklyn with wobbly painted blue bands around the diameter. The second we saw it, we thought about how incredible it would look on a coffee table filled with bright yellow lemons.

12. Stripe Vases ($15): Support artisans by purchasing one (or more) of these earth-toned striped vases that were handmade in Nicaragua. While they are definitely a fabulous piece on their own, they look even better in a group!

13. DIY Neon Striped Utensils: Neon stripes are always a good idea, especially when it comes to DIY kitchen utensils. This practically effortless tutorial will show you how to make your wooden spoons the star of your kitchen. (via Confetti Pop)

14. Pastry Stripe Dishtowels ($24): These soft, cotton kitchen cloths with thin and thick uniform stripes are the first step in transforming your kitchen into a Parisian bakery. All you need are mounds of flaky croissants and baskets of baguettes.

15. Stoneware Bud Vase ($21): What’s black and white and red all over? This hand-painted vase. Just grab a handful of flowers from your garden (or someone else’s) and let this quirky vessel do the rest.

16. Paint Stripe Table Runner ($58): The best way to jazz up a table is with a playful table runner. This blue and green striped textile made from organic hemp will brighten up any tablescape.

17. Trapper Throw Blanket ($198): You can never have too many comfy throws. We’re totally crushing on these simply striped merino wool blankets. They’re warm, they’re gorgeous and everyone will fight over them when it’s time to bundle up. You’re better off buying two!

18. Pencil Stripe Canvas Bags ($88): Canvas bags and baskets are the key to organizing in style. These rustic, yet modern pencil stripe bags come in three soft colors and will hide any and all clutter. Hallelujah!

19. Stripe Floor Pillows ($69): Say hello to your new favorite chair, the floor pillow. Sure, you’ve heard of (or even experienced) sitting on oversized, relaxing cushions, and now you can do it in the comfort of your own home. All the time. In your pajamas.

20. Stripes and Arrows Woven Rug ($49): Looking for a way to brighten up your floors? This mint woven rug by Allyson Johnson will do just that. Heck, this lively mat will brighten up the whole room!

21. Dyed Thread Tablecloth ($80): There’s something so timeless about blue and white stripes and when they give off the appearance of denim, it’s a fresh new take on the classic. Why wouldn’t you want to decorate in denim?

22. Noodle Indigo Stripe Curtain ($69): A bold tie-dye curtain is any Bohemian babe’s dream. Feeling crafty? Try making this one yourself.

23. DIY Rainbow Striped Dishtowels: Somewhereeee over the rainbowwwww… But seriously, this completely doable tutorial for rainbow striped dishtowels is too cute, we wish it had cheeks that we could pinch! If you can sew a straight line, you’re good to go. (via A Pretty Cool Life)

24. Wythe Striped Dinner Plate ($55): These bold stoneware plates from Ralph Lauren are hand-painted and one of a kind. While you might think an entire striped dish collection would make you dizzy, this tasteful tableware just makes us hungry. Is it dinner time yet?

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