Selfies run the world, amirite?! Okay, so maybe that’s a little dramatic, but a new Forever 21 stunt is making selfies run a gigantic machine. So that’s kinda the same thing, right? Regardless, we’re way more impressed by this F21 display than the mess happening on every table, floor + fitting room at every single location we walk into. Truth hurts sometimes, but the way the brand is merging fashion + tech together makes us forget those nightmare scenes at the moment. <3

The Forever 21 Thread Screen is the result of the budget-friendly retail outlet teaming up with Brooklyn-based agency BREAKFAST. What exactly is that result? Oh, it’s just a 2,000-pound machine that uses 6,400 spools of thread to display your Instagram shot(s) when you hashtag them with #F21ThreadScreen. Yeah, totally NBD at all.

Through July 28, add that hashtag to your selfies, landscape portraits and food porn pics, then hop over to to check out a live video stream of your fabric photo coming to life 24/7. FYI, since there’s only one of those digital-to-fabric snapshot creating machines, there’s a major backup in making the magic happen. So we’ve got a pro tip for ya (unless you have all the time in the world to wait, that is): Periodically add your Instagram username after and you’ll be able to see your Instagram photo transformation via YouTube video if the process has been completed.

*Starts hashtagging entire Instagram account with #F21ThreadScreen.*

Will you be hashtagging your photos #F21ThreadScreen? Let us know in the comments.

(Photo via Forever 21)