‘Tis the season for frantic last-minute shopping, hectic holiday travel and plenty of warm spiked drinks to help you get through it all. To save you a bit of time and effort this holiday, we’re gifting you free printable gift boxes from our Free Printable Friday series. Want to know the best part? There is no wrapping *or* folding required! All you need is tape to make these fun and festive treats. Throw some goodies, jewelry or gift cards in there and get ready for *all* the thanks.


Ready to make these just in time for all the festivities? Scroll on for the deets.

Materials + Tools:



Print out the templates on thick cardstock. Then use the X-ACTO knife to cut out the box templates and gift tags. Be sure to use a ruler to get clean lines on the tree tags.


After the template is cut out, put your gift in and start folding (without actually folding!) the non-patterned edges and use tape on the bottom and top side. Repeat for the patterned top edges. Pro tip: Since this cardstock is thick, you’ll want to make sure these edges are super secure… so the more tape, the better!


Next, fill out your tree gift tags and let the gold paint dry. Use tape to attach these to the folded edge side, and voila! No-fold, tiny, adorable (and free!) printable gift boxes.


If you’re feeling extra fancy, break out the ribbon and bows and add a hole to your tree to attach the tag. Happy gifting!

We want to see how you style your tiny printable gift boxes! Share the finished result with us on Instagram by tagging us and using the hashtag #iamcreative. And check out our other awesome Free Printable Friday finds here.

Designs: Marisa Kutmong

Photo Styling: Katie Bond

DIY production: Katie Bond and Lesley Chen

Photography: Kurt Andre