By now, we’re used to seeing all kinds of wacky looks on the runway, so it only makes sense that designers would show off the most OTT manicures and nail art trends to go with their head-turning styles. This latest look at Libertine’s New York Fashion Week show proves that practical nails are so passé. This is the era of the crazy mani, according to the brand, as nail artists took inspiration from Victorian lampshades for the model’s digits.

The LA-based design house topped last year’s center part-only hair dye style by debuting insanely long fringed nails at its Fall/Winter 2018-2019 fashion show this week. Refinery29 reports that nail guru Jan Arnold was inspired by the bottom of the lampshades you can find at your grandparents’ house, and the result is truly mind-boggling.

Arnold, the co-founder and style director of CND, created a bevy of bold nail designs for the Libertine show, with some models donning fringe on their fingernails that cascaded down past their legs. The statement style somehow looked effortlessly cool even if it was anything but effortless. According to CND’s post on Instagram, the “CND Nail Artists contributed 450 hours and 4,000 feet of fringe into making our iconic nails. [Libertine designer] Johnson Hartig showcased his ability to bring together an eclectic mix of embroidery designs, fabrics and patterns, with our nails serving as a dreamy extension to this dramatic display of chic elegance.”

Of the floor-grazing fringe designs, Hartig told Vogue, “There are really no boundaries [with nail art], a lot like Libertine.” And while they may be anything but practical for everyday life, they do look awfully gorgeous flowing down the runway with the brand’s vibrant and bold designs.

(Photos via Victor VIRGILE/Gamma-Rapho via Getty)

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