We’ve seen the obsession of BIG lips in full force! Our Kylie Jenner lip tribute captures a way to DIY the larger-than-life lip with an over-lining-your-lips technique. Some disapprove of this trend, while others are in it to win it. We say if it makes you feel pretty, GO for it! As you know, hacking anything and everything is the fuel to our fire, and since we’re on the topic of big lips, we’ve hacked just that. Here are three different ways to hack a plumper multi-dimensional pout featuring three luscious shades of lip tint. It’s a perfect way to take your date night lips to the next level.

Prep: Flawless Face + Smokey Eye


Apply your base makeup and add a smokey eye if you want this exact look, or you could minimal eye makeup and let your lips be the main focus.

Hack 1: Use White Liner


Step 1: Line Your Lips

Using a white eyeliner pencil like Wet n Wild Coloricon Eye Liner in White ($5), fill in center of the bow and bottom of your lip, stopping where your lips start to curve back. The white liner will act as a highlighter underneath your lipstick. Any time you highlight any area, you are drawing attention to that spot. Here, that will also give the illusion that your lips are much fuller.


Step 2: Apply Lipstick

Apply your lipstick using a lip brush (or hack your beauty toolkit with a paintbrush). Gently tap the lipstick over the the white portion so you don’t rub the white too far out of place — otherwise you’ll lose the highlight feature. Then sweep the brush as your normally would onto the rest of your lips to blend together. I am using Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick Shine in Kissable Pink ($7).


Hack 2: Use Liquid Highlighter


Step 1: Apply Lipstick

You want to apply your lipstick first for this application. I went with a fan favorite, MAC Lipstick in Ruby Woo ($16).


Step 2: Highlight

Grab any liquid highlighter in a pearlescent color, like High Beam Luminous Complexion Enhancer By Benefit ($26) and apply to the center of the bow and bottom of your lower lip.


Step 3: Blend

Do this by tapping your finger over the highlighter and gradually blending it into the part of your lips that start to curve back.


Hack 3: Use Shimmer Shadow

Step 1: Apply Lipstick

Line your lips and apply a nude lipstick that matches your skin tone. A favorite of mine is MAC Lipstick in Myth ($16). This is a nude that has a subtle shimmering opalescent undertone to it, so it tends to complement a wider range of skin tones.


Step 2: Highlight With Shadow

Use any white shimmering eyeshadow or pigment — I am using the white Pigment by MAC ($21). Apply a small amount to the bow of your upper lip and center of your lower lip using your finger and blend into the part of your lip that starts to curve back. The opalescent undertones in this highlighter go beautifully with the sheen in the nude lipstick.


You can just tap your finger lightly over your lip to blend in the shadow. Easiest one yet!


What lip-defying techniques do you use? Do share in the comments below!