In this epic recut of one of our favorite old school shows, Danny Tanner just might be the perfect villain. Or the creepiest one. Created by Jay Somsen as part of an assignment at the Seattle Film Institute, this re-imagining of Full House will definitely give you the chills.

The girls brushing their hair, Danny and DJ looking in the mirror together, Danny saying “ooh I just wanna dip your legs in garlic butter” — there’s so much that is so disturbing. We’ll never look at Full House the same again. And considering I personally pass the Full House house every single day on my way to work, my commute just got a whole heck of a lot darker.

On another note, what if The Shining was a rom com? Originally posted in 2006, this is definitely one of our favorite recut trailers. Peter Gabriel songs can really turn any movie into a hopeful one.

What other strange mashups of old school shows or movies have you seen recently?