When Fuller House season 3 first arrived on Netflix in September, only the first nine episodes were made available, leaving fans eager for the rest to arrive. Thanks to Candace Cameron Bure, we now know that part two of聽season 3 arrives just in time for the holidays on December 22, and in the new trailer that just dropped, we get a look at some pretty major events that are set to unfold. (Potential spoilers ahead!)

The trailer starts out with the usual goofy family goodness we鈥檝e come to love from the Tanner family, promising more 鈥渉ugs, original dance numbers, and cute babies with dogs鈥 in the rest of season 3. But then: record scratch! The rest of what鈥檚 in store for the season will 鈥渂low your mind.鈥

First, we see the Tanners taking off on a trip to Tokyo, presumably for Steve鈥檚 wedding. Then we get a hint that SOMEONE is planning for a baby! 鈥淢y oven is pre-heated and ready to easy-bake,鈥 Kimmy says to Stephanie. 鈥淲e鈥檙e getting pregnant!鈥 We learned in earlier episodes that Steph is unable to have kids, so our guess is that Kimmy is going to be a surrogate.

We also get a glimpse of DJ in a wedding dress after Matt is seen getting down on one knee. But it sounds like Steve isn鈥檛 ready to let her go just yet. 鈥淲hat if DJ really was going to pick me?鈥 he says, referring to a previous cliffhanger. 鈥淭his could be our wedding!鈥

It鈥檚 safe to say a LOT will be happening in the last nine episodes of season 3! Check out the full trailer below, and tune in to Netflix on December 22 to see how everything shakes out.

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(photo via Mike Yarish/Netflix)